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BondoFox by El Maxx -- First drawing ever of me!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBondoFox
SpeciesAmerican brown fox
SummaryBondoFox has a personal charter: "To tie and gag every yiffable female on the planet."

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourClassic fox coloring: brown fur accented with black-furred paws and plantigrade feet, and black-tipped ears. White fur begins at at the ruffs and extends down over his belly to his upper thighs.
Hair ColourLight brown, not long but usually stops anywhere from midway to the bottom of the neck
Eye ColourGreen, behind a pair of dark glasses
ClothingA long-sleeved black polo-style shirt, the arms almost pirate-puffy type but not quite, instead of buttons the front uses lacing to hold itself together. Blue jeans or light grey cargo pants, most pockets containing lengths of clothesline, and one pocket carrying 3 or 4 long cloths for gagging or blindfolding
AccessoriesA shiny pair of chromium pawcuffs hanging from the right hip. His back pocket has a 5-foot length of soft cotton rope and a large bandanna, the map pockets of his cargo pants carry more rope in varying lengths, enough to tie and gag two female furs.
WeaponryWhile he owns a handgun, it's strictly for personal protection and target practice, and spend most of its time in his dresser drawer. He never has need for it otherwise (but at times wishes he had it when he encounters bad drivers on the freeway).
Special AbilitiesBondoFox uses the phrase "sly like a fox" literally and to good use. Being a fairly mundane species he's able to blend in with a crowd easily, and through quiet maneuvers can sneak up on his prey from behind or from the side.

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing, friendly, charming, amiable. BondoFox is extremely extroverted, very friendly and outgoing, charming and can be a lot of fun to be around. You can either end up being his friend or, if you're a cute yiffable girl in his eye, end up bound and gagged somewhere. He *never* intends to hurt his prey and jokes that his job is "Abductor" and refers to his personal minivan as an "abduction van". He has a passion for females in bondage and exercises that; they always end up released unharmed and in some cases can end up as a lover or a pet. BondoFox also has a very dominant side and while he loves and adores females, he doesn't accept them in positions of power, including his closest friend Zig Zag, whom he sees as "only a female" despite her business success and owning her own company. He owns two full-time slavegirls, a civet named Dawne and a lop-earred rabbit doe name Cottonlop.
BackgroundConservative background with a very normal upbringing. Nothing special. BondoFox's background is clear only to him and one other fur: his twin-sister Silkenvixen, who is diametrically opposite her older brother (she's partially introverted and while not submissive is more comfortable being bound while BondoFox enjoys doing the binding). Silkenvixen is open with herself, sometimes too open, and says her real name is Christyne Robyn Vixxen, leading others to believe that, being twins, BondoFox's real name is not only Christopher Robin, but that his surname is also "Vixxen", something he'd never admit to despite his closeness with his family and his sister. BondoFox discovered bondage very early, having seen a female tied and gagged in a TV show around 5 or 6 years old, but it wouldn't manifest itself until 6th or 7th grade. After graduation he spent three years in Canada as a Professional Dominant at "The Chateau" between Niagara Falls and Toronto, Ontario, where he got to practice his tying skills and honed his dominant side. The day he left was the day it was discovered that one of the clients dropped off by her husband with a Letter or Marque was actually the abducted daughter of a member of the Canadian Parliament 2 days after she was delivered; the up-front fees were paid out of her ransom. Returning to the states, he worked in mundane jobs until he successfully began his dream of doing bondage as a living, selling bondage photos and working to develop what is now BondoFox Bondage Entertainment. He met Zig Zag at a fetish convention where she had a booth and they became fast friends, and Zig Zag appeared in a few of his videos while she built her own company in Ohio.
LikesTying up females, Pittsburgh Penguin hockey, writing, drawing, tying up women, good food, his pets Dawne and Cottonlop, living well, and ice cream.
DislikesTying up males, the general population but only on occasion (at times he can't believe anyone can do anything right), zucchini, parsnips, being told what to do. Bad roleplayers, people with no sense of humor, guys pretending to be girls just to get into his ropes, Communists
LocationNorth of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
OccupationRopemaster-at-large, occasionally direct bondage films for ZZ Studios Abductor Owner of BondoFox Bondage Entertainment, a professional bondage photo and video company.
Additional InfoAvailable for parties

Just for Fun

Favourite QuotePut your paws behind your back and don't scream

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