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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDarkStorm, Dark, DS
SpeciesFurred Frost Drake
AgeNEVER ask a woman her age, stupid!
Height6'10" when relaxed
SummaryDarkStorm is a furred frost drake, is warm-blooded, and is quite temperamental. Irritating her tends to get other furs into a world of pain. She refuses to be collared by anyone.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe is covered in extremely dense, short, silky fur that is so white it has glacial blue shadows.
Hair ColourHer hair is long and pin-straight, the ebony locks refusing any form of chemical treatments to force it into other positions. It is either hanging lose and wild, or is bound back by a simple beaded thong.
Eye ColourHer eyes are an intense blood-red, and they either brighten or dim with the level of emotional aggitation.
ClothingIf she opts to wear any, it's either her beloved biker jacket, or asian-inspired clothing.
WeaponryShe has her natural weapons, and for the most, that's all she feels she needs.
Outstanding FeaturesShe is tridactyl, meaning she has two fingers and an opposable thumb, and has a long, wickedly-curved tailblade.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is a warrior at heart, and does what she can to protect those around her. Due to what she is, she has a very sizeable hoard and could live out the rest of her life in total hedonistic heaven... Maybe she will...
LikesSmart furs, stretching her wings at times, hedonism, and both da guys and da grrls!
DislikesStupid furs, being restrained in any way, those who take without thought of consequence.
LocationEverywhere and nowhere at the same time...
OccupationA Dragon Hunter, she hunts and brings down dragons in defense of those who need it. She appears draconic in all ways, save for her fur; it irritates her when people still call her a dragon...
Additional InfoShe is mated to Sci, is the loving Owner of Renegadius and Miranda, and enjoys the verbal sparring with Crimson_713.