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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKai Matsumoto
Age18 (in physical appearance)
Heightunknowingly small to one foot

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur which is ordinarily red, is dyed black. Fur which is ordinarily white, is still white. One tail, dyed the same as the rest.
Hair ColourLong enough to reach mid-back, and is naturally black, but dyed neon green at the tips.
Eye ColourLeft is red, right is violet.
ClothingJust plain black shorts. That's it.
AccessoriesSterling silver bracelet on one wrist, specially customized watch on the other. Rings on four different fingers, two on each hand. Sterling silver dragon necklace, with a five yen coin on it. All specially designed.
WeaponryThe tooth scraper thing and metal toothpick from a dental care set.
Outstanding FeaturesMainly the eyes. Also, A large, diagonal scar is present on the chest, and various smaller scars are on the arms and legs.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm and kind at one moment, insane and random at the next. Underlying depression and bitterness, which sometimes shows itself at the most inopportune moments.
BackgroundBorn in 1902 in Southern California. Was abandoned at what is now known as PCH. Was forced to raise self, and walk from place to place. Had to steal to survive, and nearly escaped death multiple times for those actions. Because of all the near-death experiences, eventually evolved over the years to gain the ability to change size ranging from a foot to unknowingly small. Was able to turn to an honest living when the need to repair watches came about, which required delicacy. With the watch repair business being what it was, was able to buy things specially designed for those of his size, even the parts needed to modify a toy car when miniaturization, replaceable parts, and the like came about. Currently works repairing various things that need delicate work, for minor fees.
LikesPaws, claws, and maws. Old music, collecting coins, driving down PCH, playing games that dont use a lot of button pressing. Dragons, loves foxes, wolves and cats. As for furs, likes honesty, kindness, open-mindedness, but especially FUN.
DislikesLiars, close-mindedness, stuff like that. Cheese, spiders, ants, various other bugs, alcahol, drugs, religious zealots, people who force their beliefs on others..
LocationLives in car, a 1/24th scale model of a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. Has clothes, fur dye, and everything else needed in there.
OccupationWorks sometimes in things that take small hands, like watch repair, PDA repair, toy repair, basically anything that requires delicate work with small things.
Additional InfoIs single, and looking, but loves fun. Bisexual.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"To overcome the intelligent by folly is contrary to the natural order of things; to overcome the foolish by intelligence is in accord with the natural order. To overcome the intelligent by intelligence, however, is a matter of opportunity." Zhuge Liang

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