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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDeyna Tibberius Otter
SpeciesNorth American River Otter
Height5'11" when standing straight
WeightWhy ya askin? you got a weak back?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourChocolate brown fur with a cream colored throat and belly.
Hair ColourLong and dark brown.
Eye ColourEmerald green.
ClothingBlue Jeans and T-shirts, usually. Likes wearing lots of black.
AccessoriesMP3 player and big headphones.
WeaponryNinja sword, sais, bo staff, nunchakus, kris blade sword, escrima stick, wooden sword.
Outstanding FeaturesA black sword shape on chest spacing from between his nipples all the way down to his belly button. Cream colored splash around his bellybutton and on his left forearm.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEasy-going and fun-loving most of the time. Likes to hug and cuddle and be friendly. Sometimes real moody and dismal. It varies at an infrequent pattern.
BackgroundI grew up in a small village outside of Cologne that was primarily owned by my large clan. I am a descendent of Tibberius Taggerrung who claimed to be the great grandson of the original Taggerrung, also named Deyna. Tibberius unfortunately is not a credible otter to have his word taken for the truth since he contracted what is now called Syphallis from a prostitute he used to cheat on his wife. He had several children before he contracted the disease who became the heirs to his fortunes, which there were many. While we may not be descended from the Taggerrung, we are descended from ancient Germanic warrior tribes. One trait of the tribe was the tendency to have a birthmark shaped like a weapon. Tibberius had a birthmark that looked like a battle axe. My mother, Kirsten, has one that looks like that of a long bow. Tibberius, the self-claimed founder of the clan, wrote a journal that had a passage that said: 'Those who bear the black sword of the warrior chall be named Deyna, and they will be the champion of the clan. They will fight for the honor and safety of the clan. Their pure blood shall rule over the mighty warriors. Those that bear the white sword shall be named Filorn or Philip and will rule the fortunes of the clan. Their wisdom and bravery will take the clan into prosperity. Their pure blood shall rule over the wisest scholars. Only those of purest blood will rule the clan. So it is written, and so it shall be.' I was born with the black sword on my chest. I was named Deyna, and i fight for the honor of my clan.
LikesMartial Arts, Video Games, anime, men, girls, baseball, football, Hudsonville ice cream (Michigan Ice cream), music and going to clubs.
DislikesWork, school (sometimes), drugs, being bothered by trivial things, stupid people, hyoo-manz (not all but most of them) and the government.
LocationVarious places around the world. Currently in Cincinnati, Ohio.
OccupationVarious jobs. Currently a market research interviewer (i call people and conduct surveys)
Additional InfoMy father and mother are distant cousins, sad to say. The clan was broken into several groups when the knowledge of inbreeding was made known. My father and mother are 6th cousins, sharing only the slightest bit of blood. My father, Johann, is from the Otter branch and my mother, Kirsten, is from the Mustela branch. My brother, Wolfgang Niklaus, and I have gained the best genetics of the clan. It is projected that he and I shall live for a possible 90 years and still be physically active well into our 70s.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIn the brightest light, there will always be the darkest shadows.

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