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June 3, 2020, 05:37:36 AM
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Drawn by Aquacoon

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePinky
Height5ft 11
Weight9st 10lb

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAn ordinary black and grey raccoon my chest a lighter grey to the rest, with a long ringed coon tail of extra fluffiness.
Hair ColourLong mousie blonde/brown hair in a messy manner, brushed to the side.
Eye ColourFaded blue eyes.
ClothingOften wears jeans and t-shirts, or sometimes shirts.. with a jacket and trainers.
AccessoriesA beaded bracelet around left paw as well as a silver dog tag style necklace. Also occasionally wears a head sock pulled back like a bandanna.

Personality & Background

PersonalityNever expect much sense from me, as half the time I'm just so random its unbelievable....but the times when I'm a lot saner, I'm a relaxed snuggly coon who probably sings too much for his own good, and who loves nothing more to just be round friends having a good ole chat!
BackgroundBorn in London so many years ago, and lived there for the first month of my life, then was moved to South Devon where i grew up...spending a lot of that time either visiting friends in London or traveling around the Uk, then Sep 06 I moved up North to good ole Bolton (just outside Manchester) and will be here for at least 4 years :P
LikesI like heading off on walks, camping, music and musicals, breaking computers (then attempting to fix them :P ), singing , snuggling and cuddling up with friends ^.^
DislikesLate running trains and the constant lack of money xD....apart from that i like nearly everything.
LocationBolton in Greater Manchester
OccupationIm at university at the moment so a student, doing a Ba(hons) in Music Theater and loving every minuet of it!
Additional InfoI'm often out at most meets up north, so keep an eye out for me :P and subway is the best fast food place eveh!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Im through accepting limits, coz someone said they're so....some things i cannot change, but till i try I'll never know"

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