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pretty kitty, drew it myself ^.^

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKassandra
SummaryI'm just your ordinary ol' Bobcat. Yes Bobcat, not Lynx. It's alright if you get the two of us confused, I'm slowly getting use to that.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA light gray runs around the edges of her long triangle shaped ears, tuffs of black fur at the ends. This same light gray color can be found from the lower portion of her muzzle and running down along her throat and the rest of her front side. There's a dark gray covering the back of her ears, her face, her arms, her legs, and her back. The same light gray sprouts from her ankles and covers her feet along with sprouting from her wrist and covering her hands. She has the traditional little tail that is completely light gray with just the tip being colored dark gray. There's black markings, almost like zebra stripes, that cover the higher portion of her legs and arms.
Hair ColourDark brown, so dark in fact it can easily get confused with black. It touches just below her shoulder blades.
Eye ColourA soft hazel color, they change occassionally from blue to green, even on rare occassions they'll turn to brown.
ClothingShe tends to stay with the 'gothic' type of clothes. The plaid mini skirts with fishnet stockings and matching tank top. Or long sleeve shirts that button up half way and have little skulls on the cuffs and long black pants that just contour to her bodys natural curves, chains and suspenders hanging from the back or sides.
Accessoriesa silver charm braclet on her right wrist. a small ball chain that's wrapped around her left pinky finger. a necklace with K in sparkling aquamarine gems.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet and caring to everyone she meets. Very nice all around, except when angry, then it's tread with caution, but since that's rare no worries!
BackgroundJust a typical female growing up in a typical family. Has a mom and a dad. Along with a younger sister and older brother. Figuring out at an early age that photography was her calling, just as soon as she graduated high school, she applied for a local magazine. Since that day she's been traveling the world and taking amazing pictures that have been featured in National Furry Magazine and the like.
LikesReptiles. Felines. Canines. Dragons. All the races actually. Chocolate. Good music. Video games. Shiny things.
DislikesIgnorance to a certain degree. Preppy females. Violence of any kind. Bad jokes. Hypocrites. The smell of wet dog. Flowers.
LocationAt the moment, in New York
OccupationA freelance photographer.