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Vital Statistics!

Character Namerf` (ravagefox)
SpeciesTabbiewolf (usually)
GenderMale (usually)
SummaryA complete randomwit.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourrf is a grey Tabbiewolf, a mix of housecat and canine. His general build is of a wolf, with catlike pointed ears, long visible whiskers, and a longer catlike tail. Dark grey stripes cover his entire body like a cat. His physique is best put as modest. Though species is subject to change. Favorites include: kangaroo, opossum, goat.
Hair ColourMessy long brown hair, with two long bangs hanging out, and the back tied in a ponytail
Eye ColourTotally blue where they'd have been white. Iris is thick and black. The pupil is small and bright white. These will never ever change. Ever.
ClothingWhatever the hell he wants.
WeaponryThat which does not kill me... will hurt like hell!
Outstanding FeaturesVisually, the eyes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually calm and logical when needed, but is more often than not a smartass with a penchance for complete and utter random attitudes. Also has a tendency to be the butt of most jokes, often ragging on himself. This is not to say that he's a pessemist or a self-loather, he does it for fun. (chicks dig a nutter). Rf is at best unpredictable, and can be at the very least: shy, aggressive, kind, violent, gentle, cruel, loving, spastic, calm, sarcastic, optimist, pessemistic, gradual, sudden, funny, serious, crazy, and crazy. Sometimes all at the same time. He also has ADD badly. He also has what is known as 'random-wit' syndrom. Sometimes he can be quite intelligent, but occasionally lacks common sense. Other times he could be dumb as a post, but knows how to get out of a sticky situation. (chicks dig a nutter).
BackgroundIt's so confusing and self contradicting, that Douglas Adams would have been left scratching his head. I've tried rationalizing it, and it ends up total bunk. He is who he is because that is what he has always been.
Dislikesthe obvious things that EVERYONE lists here: seeing friends suffer, closed-mindedness, bossiness, powergaming, being wrapped in saran-wrap. As far as the fandom goes, 99% of the extremities, including vore, megamacro, megahyper, etc. You get the idea.
LocationCan either be found at: * Groundzero, usually with Sarah Smith * Castle Esprungen * Twilight's manor in the underworld >.>; This only counds for #Groundzero. elsewhere is whatever.
OccupationOh lord.. * Retail slave. * Assistant & Mortal Liason to Twilight, the deathbunny * Guardian (and quasimate, not decided) of Fudge, Iris, and Mekalik
Additional Infosize preferences: between 1ft - 40ft, base at 5ft. would much rather prefer to be less than fifty feet himself, and is a bit squeamish of anyone over a hundred feet.

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