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I am trying, to see, I am trying, to beleive, this is not where I should be, I am trying to beleive~

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKani
Weight9 to 10 stone,
SummaryA young white rabbit with long floppy ears, who takes a sleepily effervescent approach to life. Looking brightly at the world with sleepy eyes he carries a satchel bag, filled with notebooks, sketchbooks, games, comics, pens, music, technical books, and a MacBook with him almost everywhere he ends up.

He blushes easily, but that doesn't mean he's allways the quiet type. A scientist, he'll try anything thrice; An artist, he sees beauty in the strangest places; and as both is allways searching for the next muse.

He strives towards his future as a computer programmer, but won't ever loose his other passions allong the way. Allways looking to meet new people and make new friends, but don't think he'll leave you behind for the next best thing.

Quite androginous in appearance and personality, he has strong feminine and masculine sides to himself; and just because his heart and mind are wide open, doesn't make them any less strong. He's known as being overly affectionate, but he tries hard not to be imposing, or isolate himself from people just because they don't want cuddles.

Day to day becoming a new person, but allways growing, and never loosing himself on the journey.

Mated to Ranmaru (Alex), the beutiful, sensual and kind white kitten with wide open eyes; and allthough alone we only see the tiny details, we're constantly putting together the big picture in each other's arms.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite with pink inner ears and paw pads.
Hair ColourJust above his shoulders in length, varying colours, naturally white, but often dyed light blue, dark red, pink, purple/green and other colours.
Eye ColourGreen and brown, changing percentages of each hue depending on his mood.
ClothingWill often wear only a t-shirt and panties, but his day to day attire generally consists of dark blue jeans or threads, and a dark slightly loose baby-t top (he goes everywhere bare-pawed).
AccessoriesKhaki bag filled with everything from a laptop to snacks, and tissues to sub-machineguns; Two black or silver studs close in his left ear close to his headfur, sometimes wears one or two silver rings just above them; He will only wear bangles and bracelets on one of his wrists at a time, these are normally either 8 multicoloured plastic bangles, or a loose string of beads, allthough he is known to simply put pretty things he finds lying around onto boot laces and tie them round; Sometimes wears a small, tight dark brown collar around his neck; He often wears a small beady bangle around his left ankle; A medium length black strap adorned with metal rings with hollow centres, with keychain clips attached to his front-left and rear belt straps, onto which is attached a light blue USB storage device (which contains bootable Linux operating systems, his work, pictures, music...) and his iPod Shuffle with it's distinctive white headphones dangling down from his ears; He is also known to wear tinted perspex, terminal green goggles (just to be cliché / because they're awesome)
WeaponryMostly goes unarmed said for a small 'fox' brand flip blade in his bag, but when armed will most likely go for one of the following configurations. Computer equiptment: MacBook Pro 15" sheilded with enhanced cooling, GPS, UHF, VHF, LW and satalite uplink interfaces; handheld interface to the laptop, which can act independantly as an encrypted telephone, GPS receiver and UHF radio; CQB: H&K MP5-SD5 submachinegun, Colt .45 (thigh), Glock Model C (ankle), 2 flashbang grenades, 1/2lb plastic explosives, detenator and remote. General / Mobile warfighting: L85A2 (SA80), Browning L9A1 Pistol (thigh), P226 Sig Sauer [L105A1] (ankle), 4x fragmentation grenades. Has been seen carrying an MP5K, a breaching shotgun or (clumsyly) several LAWs, in addition to this equipment. Has been known to (gleefully) command, gun, load and drive Challenger 2 main battle tanks as well as Warrior fighting vehicles.
Outstanding FeaturesNever learnt how to twitch his nose, as he was brought up by a group of mercenary cats, who taught him most of what he knows.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySleepily effervescent, deeply light hearted, softly strong, clumsyly gracefull, and contracdictory in many other ways.
BackgroundSpent his childhood carefree in the countryside, finding challenges in hiding clothes and other things he shouldn't have and climbing trees, raised by his loving family. The next thing he remembers is being carried out of a tacked together fighting vehicle by his to be sister, a tabby cat, who allthough was wearing very little and was missing part of her left ear, was very beutiful, into a scrap yard, filled with underground caves; which he learned to love and call home over the last 13 years. Still suffers amnesia / repression of whatever happened in the transition, but is happy none the less with his new life.
LikesCollaberation, Moving music, Computing, Programming, Character drawing, Abstract/Emotive art, Alternative Comics, Manga, Animé, Decent western cartoons, Writing, Differing oppinions, Good/Undramatic/Intellegent/Silly (*nix OS wars, ninjas vs pirates...) arguments, Macintosh, Guns, Girls clothes, Portable computing, Carots (^), Tildes/Squigglies (~), Role playing, Fun video games, Diverse Culture, Society's advancement in technology...
DislikesMicrosoft Windows (they make good mice and games consoles, shame they keep making OSs :<, personal choice :P), Closed protocols and standards, Society's stagnation of culture.
LocationUnited Kingdom.
OccupationEx mercenary, using his emotional, spiritual, technical, logical, and tactical skills and experiences to further society culturally, and find his place in the world, still works occasionally at the agency where he lives. RL: Student, working towards a degree in Computer Science (not quite as exciting :P).