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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRosh_Keifer
Specieshouse cat/Incubus
Ageapears 19
Height5' 11"
Weight147 lbs.
Summary Short version:Rosh stands about 5' 11", with beautiful saphire blue eyes and a cute beauty mark on his right cheek. His entire body is covered in soft, snow white fur. His gentle smile makes slight dimples in his cheeks, enhancing his cute and welcoming appearance further. His lilith yet strong build gives him a somewhat effeminate look, although it is quite clear that he is male. His long crimson hair reaches his back, and is tied in a pony tail with a little red ribbon.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSnow white, with a small image of a pair of eyes and a tera on the small of his back, his fur seems to sparkle's sometimes when he has just fed.
Hair ColourLong straight crimson locks of hair, soft as silk,its looks blood red in the light and liek dried blood in the darkness, almost black
Eye ColourBright saphire baby blues.
ClothingUsual attire: A long flowing silk red loin cloth flowed over his front and rear hanging nearly to the floor, skin tight leather pants wrapped about his legs the cloth being mainly for style, about his waist were a pair of leather belts crisscrossing and intersecting just below his belly button, his saber hanging from one and his pouch hanging from the other. He wore nothing to cover his chest, instead a long crimson red trench coat made of leather covered most of the top of his form. The leather fitting rather snugly about his arms showing off the muscles in his arms. the collar was worn high to guard his neck, his pony tail hanging down the back hovering just above where his pale tail peeked out of a slit in the back of the coat.
AccessoriesBlack or sometimes red silk piece of ribbon that is used to tie his hair back in a ponytail.
WeaponryHis trust cutlass "Blood singer", a bandoleer of throwing knifes thats strapped a crossed his body, and a pair of tiger claws.
Outstanding FeaturesWhen he isn't using his powers to appear perfect, he has many scars covering his back from when he was whipped as a slave, he also has scars all over his body from his work as a merc.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is rather out going and friendly, always willing to be polite and helpful when he can.
Background Character History[brief]: his father was an incubus and his mother a priestess of sorts. when he was born his mother died after giving birth and since he was demon he was cast out of the temple were his mother had resided and was thus orphaned. he learned most of life's lesson the hard way and for a while was a slave, but when he got older and came of age he some how escaped slavery and was free. He vowed to never allow another soul to posses hims ever again. To get by he had to do many thing most of them underhanded and un-lawful just so he could scrape enough together to get by and live. To keep from being recognized as an escaped slave he took to wearing a mask. over time as his name became more widely known women and men started to call him "The Heart Breaker".
LikesSex,Blood,Walks on a moon lit night,Sword fighting, adventure,and love
Dislikesneedless killing,Evil,other males who do things to his pest without permission, Rude furs, people who can't take a joke
OccupationMerc/Demon slayer
Additional InfoNotes: The Heart Breaker being an Incubus an all has the many magical ability's, one of them being able to morph his appearance. with this amazing ability he is able to change his race,species,gender,size, and physical appearance. Over all he can make himself look like anyone he has at least seen. Ones he has a visual idea of what the person looks like he can morph his body to look like them. However no matter what shape he takes he still has the same mass. He can not take the form of non living things but he can replicate patters on his skin like a chameleon. Another ability he has is he can enters others dreams. the only way he can do this is if the person he is "Dream melding" with is willing once inside there mind he becomes a part of there dream. in the "Dream World." he has immense power and can summon or create anything out of nothing. The last of his ability's come not from him being an incubus but from his mothers side. he was borne with the gift of the healing touch and can heal most wounds simply by laying his hand upon it and focusing his mind. [New!] Rosh in his travels has some how assimilated two artifacts of power. The Crown of the Frost King and the Pendent of Shadows. with these artifacts a part of his body he is able to become one with the shadows and transform into a full ice form. he has amazing control of shadow and ice magic, his limits have yet to be fully tested. [New!] Mastery levels. Ice magic [5] Healing magic [2] Shadow magic [5] Sword Play [4]

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