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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTaruma
SpeciesHouse Cat
SummaryA polite girl at the age of 16 is holding a white stuffed tiger named Tai in her arms. She ran from a home. And now lives alone with no family.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA dark blue with a little bit of black in it. Blue shines during the day but after dark she is raven black.
Hair ColourDark brown with a hint of alburn red.
Eye ColourThey change with her moods so her eyes are never known. The pupils are slited just like a cats and she, unlike cats, needs glasses for her vision for she cannot see.
ClothingSometimes black sometimes lighter. Depending on her mood. She likes to wear jeans and baggy pants called trips. Her shirts are almost always baggy if not a little tight. She wears differnt kinds of shoes. Mostly black and white running shoes. But others she wears are boots army style with a little belt to keep it tight.
AccessoriesA braclet that is black and it is made of a cloth like silk. She wears it to remind herself that she is real and not missing. Also a necklace that says "..is forever" silver metal and hangs on a silver plated necklace. On each ear is two earings one on each that is shaped like a hear one a skull and the last a black heart.
WeaponryTwo sai daggers. A white sheath one symboling life and a black sheath one symboling death.
Outstanding FeaturesHer left paw has a stripe around it showing like a tatoo but she was just born like this. Her right eye is lazy so it will sometimes curve in towards her nose, and her nose has one black side and one pink side.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCheerful and shy she loves to be around friends but when she is by herself she is easily sad, depressed and she is very hard to anger she will never hate anyone, dislike maybe, but never hate. Her meantal age is around 11 or 12 so around certin times if she throws a fit its just the mental age kicking in.
BackgroundWhen she was young around the age of 8 her mother and father had a divorce. Her mother took it very hard and had done suicide. They blamed this death on her father saying that he had killed her by ordering the divorce. At 9 her father had become a drunken man. They took her to live with her uncle, the only living relative left. Her father died soon after from alcohol posioning. At 13 Her uncle died from a car accident and she was sent to live in a orphanage. She soon learned to dislike the place for they teased her constantly and nagged her about her tiger Tai. At 14 she ran and hid. Now she is living in an apartment building with a job teaching Tai won do to little kids to earn just enough cash for living and food.
LikesTaru likes to play with the simple things, A yarn ball, twine, a small toy mouse with a bell, shiny things. She also loves to read, write, draw, and more, She loves to swim in pools and soft stuffed animals. She loves to sleep and nap anywhere.
DislikesMean people, any running water except pools, when people wake her from a nap or pick on her for her stuffed tiger Tai
LocationIn a apartment building by herself.
OccupationSchool girl, And she is an assistant training with kids in the tai won do class down the road.
Additional InfoShe can read others true emotions and tell what you are thinking. Empathic if you wish.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"To the world you may just be one person, To one person you may be the world."-Unknown "*typing chicken*Boy:chiquen Me:Chicken isent spelt with a Q.... Boy:yes it is......maybe not."-A day at school "THIS IS cake town"-PG version of 300