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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMason Heiden
Weight137 lbs.
SummaryDon't be lazy and read the profile!! D:<

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur with grey stripes all around the body. His ears are a stable black color and his tail is striped as with the other parts of his body.
Hair ColourBasiclly the same as the body fur, except only two/three smaller stripes comming from the back of his head and neck. Black hair with dark red highlights, almost like human hair, streaks down just barely past his eyes.
Eye ColourHis eyes show a blood red iris. Surrounding the iris is not white of his eyes, yet they are not white but black and murky. his pupil is the natural black, resembling a blackhole in the midst of space.
ClothingNormally a long, dark trench coat with a right neck that covers his face if buttoned up. The coat stretches down to his feet, about a foot from the ground. He wears dark leans that resemble the material of the coat, and dark leather boots with small spikes and screws and thing-a-ma-giggers sticking out of the sides.
AccessoriesOn his neck hangs a small, circular silver pendant; On the pendant is an inscription, "Servo Defaoco Redemplio". An array of metal peircings line the bottom of his left Neko ear. On the right ear, an industrial screw pokes through the fur, which was received from an accident at a construction site. On his back hangs a medium sized, grey backpack. One of the straps on the backpack are ripped.
WeaponryTwo katanas hang from his left hip, enclosed in black, polished scabbards. He keeps a Glock 18c in his backpack incase no one wants to fight fair...which is usually alot. So far only one shot has been expelled from the magazine.
Outstanding FeaturesLean body structure, a bit twig-ish. His face not anorexic looking but not pudgey, somewhat just right. A dark pair of cat ears poke out of the top of his head. He has long, lean arms and legs that would not appear to be of a fighter, but looks can be deceiving. A tail reaches down from above his butt, going a little lower than the coat's bottom.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPlayfull, Laid back, Crazy, Cool. Sometimes he has the mental age of a 37 year old, Sometimes he's mature as a three year old. He can get along with people easily, and is not afraid to be the outcast of any group of people. He's more a fighter than a lover, and won't let down his beleifs for anything.
Background((Comming Soon))
LikesSmall, shiny objects; Felines; Weapons of all kind; Manga; Pop/Punk Music(MCR and Green Day are good examples); Night; Getting in fights; Winnign most of his fights; Soda; Anything sharp; Vanilla Ice Cream;
DislikesRap,R&B,Pop; Hypocrites; Cheaters; Bad singing; Jocks; Sports; Chocolate Ice Cream; Gum on his shoe; Driving; Alcohol; Smoking; Scientology; Racism; "Gangstas"
LocationHis current location is Hathian City, also known as "The Crack Den". He wanders the streets, searching for whatever excitement is availible in the gang infested city.
OccupationUnemployed. He usually bunks with friends when he can. He's never had a job really, not since he was 10 anyways. And even then, he never really worked at all.
Additional InfoHe's a smoker(even though he hates the thought of unknown chemicals entering his lungs...). He hates being called Masy or any other nickname that involses his name. He has a brother names Vorkosigan Truss, who had split paths with Mason way before his 20th Birthday. Vork's current status is unknown. Mason has a weakness to alcohol when deeply saddened or depressed, and also turns suicidal when drunk.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Get out of the box!"

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