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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSierra
Ageappears to be 18, but is only 6

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSierra has a black coat of fur that almost glitters a light blue in the light. Her fur is all evenly brushed and maintained however, and kept short cropped as she is a short furred species.
Hair ColourHer hair reaches just past her shoulders. Long enough to tie back, but the front is kept slightly shorter, leaving her with smallish bangs than hang just above her eyes.
Eye ColourSierra's eyes are of a soft gem like blue. Her eyes always carry a hint of mischief, but also deep compassion.
ClothingShe wears a blouse top that parts almost like a partial kimono. There is a netting that dips down between her chest, and the fabric drapes down into two robe like pieces that extend down near her knees. Her pants are commonly referred to as "clam diggers". They are tight jeans that are similar to stretch pants, but cut off at the calf.
AccessoriesSierra isn't one to carry much on her personage. Being of a traditional Japanese culture, her almost kimono like top is bound by a semblance of an obi, but aside from that, on rare occasions, she may have on golden bracelets.
WeaponryShe is the master of anything ranged. She carries with her a small set of 6 Kunaii that are hidden in her obi like wrap. Aside from that, if she finds anything that can be thrown easily: darts, toothpicks, rocks, even leaves are a deadly weapon to her art. Her skill is such that if she misses a target, it's because she meant to miss.
Outstanding FeaturesSierra's most distinguishing feature would probably be her fur. The almost midnight coloring of her fur is unique and rare to come by.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySierra is a creature of many depths. At times it's hard to realize how young she really is, but because of her youthful age, she is very naive, especially about the modern world. She is usually happy and easy going. When she preforms any of her abilities though, she is deadly serious and almost hyper focused to the task at paw. Sierra is loyal to a fault to those she cares about, and if often the last to see when someone betrays her, feeling that her devotion to someone should be equal to the devotion returned. She is easily mislead and can often get herself into trouble for this reason.
BackgroundSierra was born to the most unfortunate circumstances. Her mother, a half demon, was raped in a raid of their village by a full demon by the name of Dravian. Dravian did not stay to help rear the child he never knew he would have, and upon her birth, the village was burned and her mother killed because she gave birth to a full blooded demon. By dumb blind luck, Sierra survived the burning by a passing Wanderer named Wraith. Wraith took her in, feeling sorry for the young child, to raise as his own. Sierra's full blooded demonic powers did not show immediately, but she did have the strange ability to learn incredibly fast and age rapidly. By the time she had turned 5, she was of the age and mental capacity of the average 15 year old. Wraith trained Sierra in the use of ranged weaponry, and because of his occupation as an assasin, taught her the only trade he knew. On the eve of her 6th birthday, Sierra realized that her adoptive father was not coming back home, and had been killed in the "line of duty" as it were. Out of a sense of pride and revenge, Sierra set off to the land where Wraith had been killed with the intent to kill his killer. When she found the man who killed Wraith, one air pirate named Blue Mage, she engaged him in combat, only to be defeated. Blue Mage spared her life, and she swore an oath to him. If a member of her assasin guild has their life spared, they are owned by the individual who defeated them... Blue Mage made no demands of Sierra, other then that she find a better way to live her life, then off of the deaths of others. Left to her own devices and having no clue of modern life...she began her journey into the city of Groundzero.
LikesSierra has the greatest times when experiencing something new. She enjoys sampling new foods, especially since the culture she came from was very strict on dietary means. She enjoys spending time with people she's grown fond of and showing off her ability with ranged weaponry.
DislikesSierra has a short temper when she finds herself uncomfortable in a situation. She gets frustrated easily because of her simple and naive nature. She hates it when people laugh at, from her point of view, a simple question. She hates people who push others around for self gain as well.
LocationSierra is currently staying at Bastion's home inside of the castle Ensprungen.
OccupationSierra is a former assasin, living her life without reguard to others. Her previous job kept her keen and ultra focused on everything. She is not the most stealthy, but her ability to keep at a distance kept her easily out of sight from most. Her current occupation seems to be the loyal and ditsy girlfriend of a mechanics genius named Bastion. She also spends time away from bastion as an apprentice to Tsunami, the water elemental.
Additional InfoSierra is probably one of the most vindictive people you will ever meet. If you betray her, and she learns of it, you are marked for life. She's very honor bound and will never be able to forgive betrayal. Her binding to the water elemental Tsunami gives her the unique abilities to shape water that is already present into any form she chooses. She can also breath under water and walk on the surface. Her natural demonic ability is absolute and total sensory control over one individual. Her weakness in this is that she can only affect one individual at a time, and she cannot move while afflicting sensory manipulations.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLife and the right of it, are the most precious things in existence. Life and the abuse of it are the greatest injustices mankind has wroth upon itself. -Unknown