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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMicaiah
SpeciesSolar Titan (Appears human)
GenderFemale (Herm)
AgeUnknown (Biological 16)
Weight180 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMicaiah bears no fur or scales; just soft fair skin.
Hair ColourMicaiah's hair is a bright cerulean hue, left to hang down to the middle of her back.
Eye ColourMicaiah's eyes are a silvery tone - unusual for a person, but she doesn't mind at all.
ClothingMicaiah's clothing consists of a white tube top, a violet vest, and blue denim shorts. She travels completely barefoot. Occasionally, she may go au naturel.
AccessoriesMicaiah has a few pieces of jewelry, but they're all for functionality rather than decoration. Her golden earrings grant her additional control over her own body, and her onyx choker suppresses her magical power, which is infused into her body and augmented by sunlight. Micaiah has also, thanks to Floats' handiwork, attained an anklet that provides intense measures of solar output as an additional power source - something to help curb the need to conserve her own energy. Pending a battle at Ground Zero, the choker has a crack on the left side. Exactly what this means is anybody's guess. A second crack came from a brief incident she has forgotten about, while the first has deepened as a side-effect of running Floats' anklet at full blast.
WeaponryHer bracelets, made of a gold-infused alloy, are ensorcelled to grant her additional strength to offset the choker. If she needs a weapon, gems meshed with the bracelets allow her to form a pair of blades out of pure magic energy, and she can project energy blasts from her hands through them. Lastly, her magic also has combative uses.
Outstanding FeaturesMicaiah doesn't appear out of the ordinary for a human at first. However, when exposed to heavy levels of sunlight or channeling her powers, she bears a magic crest on her belly. Occasionally, she may also sport a pair of emerald light wings.

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