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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePilot
SpeciesDragon/Husky Hybrid
SummaryA "dragohusky" (as some call him) with no real past, he adopted the life of a wanderer at an early age to spectate life, never really involving himself in any one person's business. His guise of scales, sparse patches of fur, hair, and feathers set him apart from his kin---for he was special, unique in ways. He mainly stuck to the sidelines, observing the actions and lives of others behind an imaginary veil by assimilating into large crowds seemingly unnoticed, worried by a predetermined notion of awkwardness. By traversing every path, every shore, every road, he learned much about himself and his surroundings, but could not fill the empty void in his heart that loneliness had given him until that fateful day where he met the one most important to him. It was then that he stopped walking.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPrimarily white, he hash blue back scales stretching down past his thighs in four half stripes on his legs with a blue tail. He has white, furry cheektufts and black, fuzzy husky ears.
Hair ColourSlicked-back, somewhat spiky in the front. He has blond hair that is usually cut short, sometimes worn long with a ponytail.
Eye ColourA serene, foggy blue like the ocean in the morning yet as pale, and silvery as the moon at times. Slender, reptilian pupils.
ClothingA forest green, satin vest given to him by a friend. With the type of fabric it's sewn with, typically it lacks wrinkles and is very velvety. He also wears a pair of brown gloves.
AccessoriesTwo earrings and a nosering, a magical; shapeshifting/colour-changing ring... and in his vest pockets: pictournal (picture journal) and pencil to document each and every day in sketchy, cartoon format; a collar and leash, lubricant for those special moments and of course an extra large condom.
WeaponryAlthough he observes pacifism, whenever self-defense can be enacted he uses his wings, teeth, and claws.
Special AbilitiesPotent fire breath.
Outstanding FeaturesAngel-like wings with black tips, similar to that of a seagull; long black ears that have white ear fluff inside, a scar over his left eye, two earrings on his left ear, a cutout hole in his right, and a nosering for his right nostril. On a weird note, some otherwise normal, draconic aspects have unique characteristics, like his two foot long, forked tongue; ears which even the slightest tough can render him completely limp and lose all muscle control, thereby giving you the ability to control him the longer you hold; and his tail which has a mind of its own.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm, cool, and collective. He is mostly silly, clumsy, fairly wild, and very unpredictable. Once he knows someone, he is generally kind, generous, and compassionate. Very receptive too. However, he does have his naughty moments. He can be a bit of a flirt, pervy, and sensual.
BackgroundUnknown origin; he remembers very little of his parents and sibling mainly due to leaving the house at such an early age.
LikesThe ocean, wind, the moon, and nature. He loves to draw, play the piano, cuddle, and write about his misadventures. His personal interests include humiliation and prank-play, sleeping, walking, and much, much more.
DislikesBeing called a "lizard"
LocationWherever the wind blows.
OccupationA flaneur lacking any real tenacity of purpose, if he becomes attached to someone, he sticks with them.
Additional InfoHe has a few weakness: ear contact of any form and musicbox tunes put him to sleep.

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