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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSamara
WeightRather light

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAn odd colouration of dark purple where is usually black (back, ears, top part of head, top part of tail, sides), and the normal white.
Hair ColourDark purple, flowing down to the middle of her back.
Eye ColourViolet
ClothingWears jeans and a top, usually covered with a jumper.
Outstanding FeaturesEven though she is small, her bust is relatively large, though she tends to cover it up with clothing due to being shy.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is extremely shy and timid, prefering to hide away from the larger furs in fear of what they may do to her. Her confidence is low after many years of being abused as a child. But if it is shown that the larger fur is kind, then she will slowly start to open up and become more friendly and even playful.
BackgroundWhen she was young she started off at a regular size of 5'8", but her father in particular shunned her for having an odd colour of fur that no other husky had. So whenever she failed to do something or just caught her father at a bad time, he would hit her. But thankfully the purple fur did something more than just be an odd colour; she later discovered that it gave her the power to change in size, so when she heard her father shouting for her, she would shrink and hide. But because she was small so often, it resulted in her permanently being small, though she can change size for short periods of time.
LikesFriendly and kind furs that won't mistreat her just because she is small.
DislikesThe opposite of above.
Additional Info3in base size. Can change between 1in - 240ft.