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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMax
HeightNormal: 7ft (8 if ears are straight up) / Macro: Usually between 300 and 500 ft, but not always
WeightNormal: 163 pounds / Macro: Between 11,626.56 and 53,826.78 Tons if in the 300-500ft range

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourfur is completly yellow except for a collar of fur around his neck which is white.
Hair ColourBlack with the apearance of some blue when hit correctly by the light
Eye ColourDeep blue
ClothingA black leather jacket with the sleeves ripped off, a pair of blue-jeans, two black belts, and black fingerless gloves.
AccessoriesAround his neck he wears a dog collar with a "J" engraved on it that Jayne put on him.
WeaponryFights with martial arts (Geki Jyu Thunders Ken), and lightening attacks. Most powerfull attack: Zap Cannon.
Outstanding FeaturesFur is extremely spikey and can be soft or sharp as needles if willed to.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIs normaly kind and polite to the people he meets, but when threatened he can turn cold and rude.
LikesAnime, robotics, videogames, Macro & Micro girls, giant monster movies, etc.
Dislikespeople who pick on the weak to make themselves seem strong.
Locationlook up, look down, look all around!
OccupationMercenary. Scientist. Engineer. A MERCIENTINEER!!!

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