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Vital Statistics!

Character NameScrimshaw, Scrim, Scrimm
HeightTrue: 5'7'' - Apparent (full): 6'2''
WeightTrue: 150 - Apparent: 190
SummaryThe skull is well-polished, a fine, light cream where the edges have been smoothed away with time and pocked with grey in the nooks. From where the horns no doubt used to be there is instead two gaping holes, out of which round, greyed ears expose themselves, clearly connected to something beneath. Eyes of bright orange peer out, also, from underneath. The grinning dead is otherwise adorned with colorful feathers, obscuring the back of the creature's neck beneath a mass of oranges, yellows, and greens. Scales overlie one-another in the front, lining its stomach and causing the light to dance along their surfaces; ever-shifting stormy purples and greys are the result. As the viewer moves his line of sight downwards they would find the feathers on the creature's back tapering off, some overlying and some falling beneath a simple and ragged grey cloak. The hood is wide and lined on the inside with soft fur, most likely that of a rabbit, though it is rarely found perched atop the creature's head. The cloak wraps neatly around the creature's front, hooked and held in place by a simple brooch of a dimly glowing azure stone. It is set in silver, and badly tarnished. Where the scales curl down its belly and curl underneath his body they are met at the sides by coarse, shaggy, black fur. Closer inspection of the arms, legs, and long, ivory claws apparent on its appendages would reveal the pelt to be that of a bear. From behind it all snakes out a long tail of near five inches in diameter in well-fluffed fur, ringed in black and tawny tans.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSecondary apparent (beneath skull): Black, though portions of longer hair find long peacock feathers woven in. Primary apparent (first view): Varies. No fur apparent on head due to the bovine skull he wears. Fur covering the arms, legs, and sides (where visible outside of the cloak) is a deep black, matted, and somewhat poorly kept. From the base of the skull on his head slightly tarnished, purple scales weave their way downwards to his belly and farther to the base of his tail.
Hair ColourSecondary apparent: Black. Primary apparent: Feathers of varying size, style, and color. Primarily greens, oranges, and yellows, though many feathers are also tipped or scattered with blacks and whites.
Eye ColourBright orange flecked with a small amount of grey and yellow.
ClothingA simple and clearly well-loved grey cloak, clasped in the front by an old blue stone set in silver. The hood of said cloak is the only well-kept portion, and is lined with soft, grey fur.
AccessoriesHe seems to be capable of procuring many small items from underneath the chest scales or underneath the bear fur, however, it's difficult to tell where they come from.
Outstanding FeaturesBovine skull placed over his own head; abundant and colorful plumage; large, clawed paws; scaled belly; long tail.

Personality & Background

Additional InfoBeneath the initial appearance (the skull, bear furs, raccoon tail, and feathers) he appears to be a simple black rat, of the Norwegian variety. However, any scent information on the matter would be horribly muddled by the scents of his outside costume, and no noticeable rat scent could be derived from him. The smell of rat, indeed, is only as strong as the smell of bovine, ursa, and musteline he already has. Odd, that.