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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTom Shizune
SpeciesBlack & White Shorthair

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBig White Patch in the center of the front,surrounded with Smoke Black all over,patch of white at the tail,the feet with a patch of white also
Hair ColourEars are cream white while the rest is smoke black
Eye ColourEyes are hazel (will change color depending on mood)
ClothingHe wears regular clothes that look cool to him and will sometimes get clothes that look cool on other furs. The most important thing to him are his shoes. He will ONLY wear CHUCKS. When in battle, he wears a tuxedo with chucks. This may seem weird but to him it proves helpful for it helps him concentrate in his matches.
AccessoriesShizune will mostly carry around his ipod. He values this very dearly since he got this from his deceased father.
Weaponryinterested in martial arts at the time, he took tae kwon do lessons (which didnt last very long, since he only reached yellow belt and quit) Later at the age of 12, he took private Jeet Kune Do lessons from a legendary human martial artist. Shizune has mastered the martial art perfectly and uses it whenever he can. He learned a certain technique in Japan which is what some people call "forbidden" ninja arts. Lastly he masters a weapon called the Dual Razor, two long broadswords that can be connected and disconnected at the neck at anytime. These are the only weaponry he knows and excels at. He will hesitate to try something new.
Outstanding Featuresnothing distinguishing about him except his skinny appearance. Yet appearances can be decieving!

Personality & Background

PersonalityShizune is all about taking it into stride. He has a bit of temper that he contains to himself before he lets it out in public. He is usually shy with new people but when he warms up to them and starts talking and wont shut up until he notices or someone tells him. In general, he is outgoing carefree and usually content with himself and others. Will have emo moments when depressed and feeling low. When in battle he will become serious yet cocky when he needs to be. He is also pretty humurous but first you have to try to get to know him. His personality has forever changed since that day.......
BackgroundShizune comes from a regular family from Virginia. He lived with his father, brother and mother. How he was a human and fur was not figured out with two human parents. Records say the father was a fur but mysteriously disappeared after Shizune's birth and the mother married a human male and the rest was history. Though this is still being researched. On a tragic day in December around christmas, he arrived home to the sight of no one home. In the mail, he received numerous letters about each of his family members death. EVERY SINGLE family member and relative is now dead. He is the only one that remains. Hearing this news, his personality changed to happiness. No one knows why he is happy all the time since the news. He never shows any other emotion except positive ones. Though deep down, rage, pain, sorrow builds up until the day he finds out who/what killed his entire family.
LikesAny rock that sounds good to him (Except DEath Metal, Emo, Dark, rap, and country), likes hip hop past and present (gets frustrated when people and furs think rap and hip hop are the same, WHICH THEY ARENT), eating good food, hanging out with friends and family, video games, conversations (when given the chance), Jeet Kune Do, good tv and movies (especially action), guitar, and of course DRIVING!!!
Dislikesbeing broke, mood swings, furs bullying other furs (same for humans), nasty food, funerals, being ignored, ignorance, assholes, idiots, rules that dont apply to him, crappy computers, school in general, and a couple of other things. Thats all we know for now about his dislikes.
LocationCurrently in Alexandria Va in a small suburban neighborhood BORING!!
Occupationcurrently a senior in high school in Virginia. in the process of looking for a community college. not to big and not to small. When free time is avaiable, he goes to the mall.
Additional InfoThe following is for his battle stats. In battle, he is fast because of his lightweight form. He is somewhat strong for his appearnce in human form and can go toe to toe with the heavyweights in battles. He wears the tuxedo since he thinks it can throw off people and distract them. He likes to be underestimated because of his appearance. With his agility his jeet kune do style is nearly flawless and his movements are smooth and quick. He has somewhat of a philosphy to make his opponents bleed when he bleeds. He'll use the duel razor if weapons r involved of course. He is great with it but is still learning how to use it. When the battle gets heated, he will turn into his fur self and will take off the tuxedo and change into sweats. In his fur state, everything will be upgraded except his power which will stay the same unless angered. He can use technique that can allow him to create copies of himeslf that are exactly like the original and i mean exactly. They have minds of their own though but they still listen to the original. Plus the copies can make copies of their own. Since the copies can make copies of their own youll most likely see a whole city of Shizunes. In his human form, he can use the clone technique only. Before battle he plans strategies and researches his opponent and will TRY to spy on them during training sessions, but is usually caught. He will eventually know everything about his opponent in battle from, personal info, to battle statistics. In school however, he will slack off big time. he is constantly collecting music for his ipod. He wants to pursue a career as a bodyguard if there any positions opened.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteHeroes are overrated. Villians old... Im the new age.