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Vital Statistics!

Character NameHikarri
Weight123.5 lbs
SummaryAn odd-ball, he is, that's for sure. He was a bit strange, being a male and all. Who ever heard of male felines going into heat? Hikarri was just different from the rest, it seemed. He appeared close enough to being a human, had the cat ears and tail not ruined that. There was also his bright orange hair and dark red hued eyes. The boy was thin, but not too skinny and not too heavy. And under Ri-kun's punky little exterior, there was a soft, caring being. Not that he'd let anyone see it, of course...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe's a human...so I guess he'd have skin? Yeah, it's skin alright. Lightly tanned, too.
Hair ColourHis hair is short, messy, and a brilliant shade of bright orange.
Eye ColourOne could call his eyes red, another, dark brown. It's all in the way one sees it themselves.
ClothingA white shirt with black short sleeves covers his top half, while long khaki's cover his lower. As shoes go, they're dark grey.
AccessoriesPoor sap has nothing but the cloths on his back.
WeaponryThough not as strong, the only "weapons" Ri-kun would ever have are his fists. And most of the time, he's beaten because of that.
Outstanding FeaturesWhile looking like a human, Ri-kun has two kitty ears and a tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA brat, really. He gets pissed easily, and all around likes to get his way.
BackgroundHikarri doesn't have much of a background. He was born, grew up with a loving family, and ended up in a fight in the wrong place at the wrong time. Up until being a slave, Ri had a pretty normal life.
LikesHikarri likes many things, most of which include a variety of fish. He also likes quiet places, and not being disturbed during a nap.
DislikesAnything loud gets on the boy's nerves. Being in social areas does nothing to help.
LocationHe really doesn't stay in one place long enough. Constant trips to slave auctions have made it hard to determine where, exactly, a home would be.
OccupationThe only thing Ri-kun looks forward to everyday is a cage and people staring at him. Yes, a slave's life it is.
Additional InfoAs far as Hikarri goes, there has not been a male feline yet who has gone into heat. Call it what you will, but Ri-kun is just strange like that. In his own little way. Being in heat makes him more irritable, and more likely to snap at the tiniest thing said that might insult him. Like a girl during PMS, only worse...

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