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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFairin
SpeciesHalf cat , Dragon
Height6 inches
Weight20 oz
Summarya strange Creature , White fur covers its obviously feline body, but he has scales that cover his back and chest to his groin, black as midnight. the kind of color that seems to suck in the light also extend over his draconic wings he would be quite a fearsome sight indeed if he wasnt but 6 inches tall...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack Scales cover his chest to his groin , in stark contrast . white Fur covers the rest of him , the scales also cover his back. his wings are draconic
Hair ColourWhite
Eye ColourCat eyes , golden
Weaponryclaws . and innate draconic magic for those D&D related questions . sorcerer
Outstanding Featuresrough feline tongue, four fingered paws (three fingers 1 thumb)

Personality & Background

Personalitythe Hero, the guy that will be there when hes needed, one of the few that everybody will like . and those that hate that kind of person immidately dislike
Backgroundhas been recently introduced out of his wild home and is meeting other furs for the first time... wow most of them are big...(respectively)
Likesbeing a microfur, protected , protecting... writeing singing Flying, wild nights. being the nice guy, Going the Distance
Dislikesmean people, childish people, and that nice guys finish last. and .. finishing last that one part in shrek when the i need a hero song is playing and puss jumps off and tells shrek to go .. i enjoyed the joke .. but its something i'd do as well ... i just .. gah its too cute ! ...
Locationhavent givin it much thought to where his little home was
Occupationhasnt had need of one is just recently learning about other furs
Additional Infohas innate magic that isnt matured enough to do anything specific... but there has been those times where he fell into the water and could breathe .. or "accidently" messed up stealing some honey from a bee hive and produced a shimmering shield of energy around him while he escaped...

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDont Be Afraid Your Life Will End, Be Afraid It Will Never Begin... ~ cant remember .. tell me please! who said this ;)