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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChris StarShade
SpeciesMiew (a species of nekojin); however occasionally polymorphs into other forms
AgeUnknown, he claims to be 23, but appears to be 15.
SummaryChris StarShade typically appears as a male miew (a type of catperson) with black hair and black cat ears. He is a spell-caster with intimate knowledge of the powers of both Light, and Dark, but has recently taken to wielding Dark energies more frequently... Typically wears dark blue or black clothing, exact type varying by the season. Such clothes generally have a brilliant star design on them, as of twinkling galaxies. These disappear when he uses too much dark energy.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur, light-toned skin.
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingVaries by season, but is usually black. Black shorts and t-shirt in summer with black flip-flops. Black slacks and a magical cloak in colder seasons. When wielding light-energy his clothes shimmer with a galactic star-pattern that shines brilliantly.
AccessoriesMagical Abilities.
WeaponryMagical Abilities, a dark staff which can absorb harmful magic that he can summon from an extradimensional space.
Outstanding FeaturesGreen glowing eyes, an evil smile. Star-pattern on black clothes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPlayful, talkative, analytical, cuddly.
BackgroundAn acolyte of the Empire of Bastion, where cats rule supreme. Is presently recruiting mice for his mouse harem. Any tasty mice who wish to please are welcome. X3
LikesToying with creatures smaller than he is. (and getting toyed with, though he does not often admit this)
DislikesInanimate objects becoming animated. It is bizarre.
LocationAnywhere he wants to be...
Additional Info((Follows the rules of "Anything Goes" in RP.))

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Did you REALLY think I was going to eat you?"