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Vital Statistics!

Character NameThaily Brimstone
Specieslion/fox hybrid, lox
Weight150 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe features of both fox and lion and neither, Thaily is an unusual hybrid, though not entirely unattractive. Her glossy fur is the shade of dull ivory which fades into the plush white fur that covers her jaws and cheekruffs. She measures close to five and a half feet, and with a weight of about a hundred and fifty pounds she has an average build, plump without being fat. Most of her weight seems to be distributed in her rump and thighs of her powerful digitigrade legs, her tight light-blue jeans mold tightly to her curves. They ride low on her hips, cutting off to what you imagine can only be inches away from indecency. Her tail is run through a hole in the back, her tailbase wrapped in bandages which actually serve a purpose rather than being just some punkish form of accessory. A single ridge of clay-brown fur resumes just below the bandages and travels down the length of her tail to end in a lion-like tuft, dipped in the same shade of burnt umber as her fox-like gloves and socks. She wears a black, short-sleeved, T-Shirt that spans tightly across her modest chest, it ends just short of the denims, exposing their low cut and perhaps more noticeably, the distinct lack of thong-straps one might expect to see. More noticeable still is the design of her shirt. The silhouette of a four-poster bed as seen from the side is printed at chest-height, the silhouette of a kneeling woman atop of the bed and what is obviously a male and willing horse ready to mount the prone woman along with the text ?May the horse be with you.? It's obviously a tasteless Starwars parody. Atop of the shirt she wears an old denim jacket with obvious signs of wear and tear as well as a multitude of colourful buttons (lookat Thaily button) along the front pockets. Her feet are bare as always, regardless of the weather. Two symmetrical black lines run up along her broad muzzle from her nose, to the tear-ducts of her strikingly yellow eyes. Thin strands of disheveled clay-brown headfur falls across her eyes, like delicate filigree. It sweeps back down across her shoulders and ends between her shoulder-blades.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI am not a nice person.
BackgroundDepends on the IC setting.
LikesRoleplaying, writing, reading, drawing, Everquest 2, pets, photography, intelligent discussion, bdsm, budgies, draft horses, Photoshop, white chocolate with crispy rice, sushi, Coke Cola, prehistoric fauna, myth, fantasy and fairy tales, comics, getting e-mail, Tankgirl (especially the comic).
DislikesBritney Spears and other teen idols, ravers and gravers, substance abusers, children and babies, parents who think they're entitled to everything because they popped a sprog, pedophiles, people (especially strangers) who are convinced I'll breed even though I have no interest in doing so, biblethumpers and extremists of any kind, (willful) ignorance, George W. Bush, arrogance (mixed with or without patriotism), know it alls, people who ask for my advice repeatedly and never do anything with it, n00bs, fanboys, Brian-delVaux, Assinio, people who think wearing brand clothes makes them cooler, males who play females on-line as idiotic sluts, men who think the idiotic slut they met on-line is how real women are and try to interact with me as such, (people who play with their) cellphones, powergaming, most fanfics, lensflares and Photoshop filters used as stand-alone tools, Dragonball Z, Sailormoon, people who design their fursona as (an anthro version of) a copyrighted character.
LocationOOC'ly, the Netherlands.
OccupationOut of character: Artist for the moment In character: Depends on IC setting, mostly thief.

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