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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFerri
SpeciesTigermouse (Mouse predominant)
Height4' 9" (145 cm)
Weight246 pounds (112 kg)
SummaryIntense blue slit-pupiled eyes and a mop of fiery orange hair over an adorable face, long whiskers and big round mouse ears adorned with three bright gold rings each. Below, wide traps taper into round, thickly-corded shoulders which lead into massive biceps that bulge solidly when relaxed and peak when flexed lightly as high as her head, backed by immense scalloped triceps. Lower, massive forearms with cables of muscle ripple and flex with the slightest move of her small, delicate-looking clawed hands. Massive, heavy and defined muscles ripple and flex across her back, her body wrapped in short white fur with blue-black tiger striping, defining a powerful, sculpted back. Extremely large breasts, each one easily bigger than her entire head bounce and shake in a spandex-like fur-tight black half T-shirt, thick nipples with rings outlined clearly through the shirt, while thick, powerful abs bulge and ripple below. Wide hips and a round, rock-hard butt lead into hugely muscled legs with immense shifting and rippling quads and tremendous calves that bulge out insanely, clad in a black fur-tight spandex-like pair of bike shorts. Brown mid-shin semi-boots are worn laced up the front and cuffed down at the top, the front open revealing her clawed toes.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur with blue-black tiger striping
Hair ColourBright fiery orange, worn in a barely shoulder-length shag
Eye ColourBlue, with cat-like slit pupils
ClothingA black spandex-like half-T worn which barely covers over her rather huge breasts. It does nothing to hide the outline of extremely thick, large nipples pierced by rings, and clings to her like a second skin. Lower, Ferri wears a set of black mid-thigh-length spandex-like jogging shorts. Like the top, these too cling to her like a second skin, highlighting immense thighs. A set of semi-boots in dark brown laced up the front come up to just under her massive calves and leave the toes exposed, revealing long toes tipped with long, sharp claws.
AccessoriesThree gold hoop earrings in each ear, a few bracelets worn on her right wrist, and a cellphone.
WeaponryA darn-do, or Chinese broadsword, also known as a Dao sword. A scimitar-like curved broad blade with a long flowing silk scarf in blood red hanging from a ring pommel is carried in a modern back sheath of black nylon.
A 12" (8" blade) heavy bowie knife kept in a sheath at her belt.
Special AbilitiesFerri is considerably quicker and stronger than a human, having reflexes on average four times quicker and strength around five times greater. She also possesses excellent night vision (which includes the full range of colors).
Outstanding FeaturesUmm, tiger striping? Massive muscles? Her short-as-heck height?

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing and friendly
BackgroundFerri is an emancipated genetic engineering experiment made by Briner Genetics Incorporated, and outside of calling herself a tigermouse knows she is referred to in company terms as a Spriggan-class bioform. She was created originally to fulfill a military procurement order for rianths (Recombinant Intelligent Anthropomorphs) that could fill the roll of close-quarters fighters both in urban/semi-urban environments (tunnel rats) and onboard ships (supplementing Marines). After the initial prototype run of two hundred, the contract was canceled, the request coming from the JCOS (Joint Chiefs of Staff), with no further reason given. As is true of Briner Genetics Incorporated's policy, the initial run of Spriggan-class bioforms was given a short, one-month course to acclimate them to civilian life, a stipend of approximately $138,000, an agreement for lifelong medical care, and were turned loose as civilians.
LikesPhysical contact and intimacy (not necessarily sex), interesting new foods, and seeing new places.
DislikesRudeness, lures, lies. Pretty much what any normal, sane person dislikes.
LocationWherever her feet, hitchhiking, or the occasional bike can take her.
OccupationUnemployed wanderer / Vagabond / Drifter
Additional InfoNote please that the player is NOT Ferri, and does not necessarily hold to the beliefs, statements, and views expressed by Ferri. In short, Ferri is a CHARACTER, and should not be confused with her PLAYER, who is altogether different.