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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZak Reid
SpeciesArctic Wolf
Weight120 lbs
SummaryZak Reid is a rather twisted guy. He's almost always smiling or thinking about some way to harm. His white furs and black hairs goes well with his blue eyes... and are rather decieving...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourZak has a white fur with black inner paws.
Hair ColourThis wolf is wearing black hairs with white fur... A rather paradoxal combination showing that everything contains evil. He didn't dye them.
Eye ColourHis eyes are blue. A pretty blue that matches his overall appearance.
ClothingOverall, he wears white clothes. May it be white pants, white T-Shirt, white drss shirt. Even his Dress Suit is white! (Except for his dress shirt with his dress suit... it's light blue.) When in a lab, he always wear a lab coat and white cargo pants (for the multiple pockets.) When out of a lab, he wears almost any WHITE clothes. But he often wear a white trench coat with silver, discrete tribal signs in his back.
AccessoriesHe ALWAYS have his blue sunshades (as said earlier.) He's wearing a multi-function watch to.
WeaponryHe uses two silver pistols coming with may accessories such as a magnetic silencer (for fast setup), a scope, a laser pointer, and some others... They are NOT to be underestimated. Nor the shooter or the pistols... Zak himself is a weapon because of his magical abilities. He can cast various spells and can enhance his guns!
Outstanding FeaturesHis thing you can recognize with is his blue sunshades. He always wear them everywhere!

Personality & Background

PersonalityZak is rather crazy. He's generally smiling and is always acting in a teenager way. Altought he know when to get serious or "High-Class". He don't like disrespect. He hates when people says insult or disrespectful things toward anybody, especially him. That can make Zak go violent but in a calm way... He won't jump on the walls and take the machine gun. He'll simply draw his weapon and shoot. No speech, not even a one-liner.
BackgroundThe past of Dr. Reid is rather nebulous. Not much people know about it... But the few who do only know up to a tragedic thing. It was when he as 15 years old... his parents got really mad for something banal and thus punished him too severly (according to him). So he went to his room, took his guns... and killed his parents... The newspapers said that they were killed by a mysterious killer... nobody ever knew about this... But the fact he killed his parents left a big scar in his mind, soul and spirit... He can easily go over it but if someone remember him with enough tact and a good speech can send him crying and begging for pardon over his parents... But beware, saying it the wrong way can make him really mad... You sure can guess what'll happen...
Likes-Well executed work. -Well executed prisonner... -Pizza with soda. -Working in his lab. -Shooting in a shooting range, or at his enemies. -Creating a new plan or a new project. -Organizing/going on a party/rave party.
Dislikes-Employes who are disrespectfull in any way toward anybody (to some degre...) (He usually kills them.) -When people talk about his parents... -Dry pastas. -Being soaked by somebody. -Pornography. (Wich he think as indecence and disrespect toward the Fur race.)
OccupationZak's a high ranked scientist working for a commercial lab. But he's also being a full time Evil Leader. He got people working for him, people getting killed for him or by him, millions dollars in his account, superweapons, and all and all. (In some RP, his possessions may vary...)

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote-«FOR MY PARENT