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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNikko
SummaryNikko exists to do what he is told. like his good brother, torque, nikko is a good stupid orca. he never questions the command of his master. he's a musclehead, and doesn't really think much... it hurts to do that. all he needs to know is that anything master says is right. so that's all that's important.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNikko is very beefy and muscular.. not overly so to make him look unnatural. but enough so that he will intimidate most anyone smaller than him.. and several who are larger. his hide is the typical black of an orca, however, his ventral and spots are a shiney silver... like lycra rubber of sorts.. it gives a wonderful shine. there is also a nice nearly unnoticeable silvery web made in tribal patterns across the tail and down the arms.
Hair ColourNikko has a fairly long silver mane atop his head.. all parted to one side so it cups over his left eye.. not covering it from the front, but definitely from the side. silver hair reaching down just a bit below his jaw like.. ending around the back of his dorsal fin. he also has light silver linings
Eye Colouran empty, yet surprisingly glossy red, filling the sockets. no whites or pupils.. just a good perception of how his mind is.. shiney and empty.
ClothingNikko, like his brother, is donned in a tight leather jacket to show off his physique, as well as a belt with master's symbol (the black upside down triangle) along with a nice pair of tight black jeans.
AccessoriesWears a nice big collar with his name on the back an a D ring on the front.. it allows master to control his ability of changing size and build.
Outstanding Featuresnikko is marked by master with a black shiny triangle embedded across his chest. it is hard as obsidian stone, not like his soft rubbery hide.. but has a slight layer of soft rubberiness, a bit tougher than his skin.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Nikko is a good stupid orca."

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