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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTaiku Husky Yifu
SpeciesSiberian Husky
Weight139 lbs
Summaryim a very friendly husky tho im very active alot i seem to wanna meet more new friends im a very cute and adorable male anthropomorphic husky and i am digitagrade and will always have my head up to go for stuff. I also would wanna have new friends ^_^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite on belly and gray all over back and tail
Hair Colour same color pattern
Eye Colourbrown
Clothingcamo shorts and a m16 attached to his back in a sling
Accessorieswatch ,laptop, pierced ear on left
Weaponrym16 with pistol(glock ) iam a officer in the fur world
Outstanding Featurestall slim cute looking male husky

Personality & Background

Personalitynice, outgoing , adventurous, cute , and furry
Likesi like other husky furrys and my favorite things is photography of any canine and planes and walking biking fun things doggies do! ^_^
Dislikesi hate being held up in things , homework , when pple dont meet me ^_^ and also those who are very steriotypical
Locationright now i in the city of gloucester in massachusetts
Occupationi am in highschool but im gunna work for an airline in a couple more years after hard work

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYou may not know what strength your furry side has untill you have You will Know

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