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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMikhaïl Karbonev Francis
SpeciesSiberian Husky
SummaryMikhaïl's a rather thin and young siberian husky who's always smiling. He's constantly wearing headphones and listening to music for medical reasons...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is not having many tones. It is Black or White. His belly and legs (except a patch on the thigh) are white, as well as his forarms and hands and undertail.
Hair ColourThe top of his head in mainly black, as well as the top of his ears and his nozzle. An area on his face, starting on from the ears and going down to the nozzle is white.
Eye ColourThey are blue. A very light blue.
ClothingMikhaïl's clothing are always different but always in a specific range: Relax clothes. He dislike to wear clothes that don't show he's always relax like a dress shirt over a T-Shirt with cargo pants. It's the same for all of his outfits...
AccessoriesAs mentionned: Earphones/Headphones, a Soviet Union symbol necklace, a MP3 music player at the belt...
WeaponryHis fists (His skills will depend of the RP). His arsenal will depend of the RP.
Outstanding FeaturesHe's always wearing headphones or earphones for medical reasons (see the Background) and always have a silver necklace with the symbol of the Soviet Union under his shirt. (Again, see the background.)

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's always calm and relax. Althought he's very energic, cheerfull and affirmative. If he got to say something to someone, he'll do it... unless it's proved that it could reuce his lifespan...
BackgroundAs his name may suggest, he wasn't born in USA but in Russia, in the deep end of Siberia. His parents were working for the Soviet government but, while he was still a 6 years old dog, they died in a car accident. He lived with his grandparants in Germany until a family, the Francis, adopted him. But, as soon as the Francis adopted him, strange thing began to happen to Mikhaïl... He began hearing people talk normally even if they were very far from him... but the voice of the people near him sounded like they were shouting... Later, it got worse and they got to talk to the doctor: He was hearing even the slightest whisper as if someone was shouting in his ears... so imagine what if a fur talked normally... They got him in a soundproof room for a few days after his sickness got worse... The doctor said it was new... his auitive sensibility was morbidly high and he heard anything as depicted earlier. But there was a "cure". He got to be listening to music at all time to make sure his eardrums were always vibrating. This way, he wouldn't shout... But he mus never take his earphones or headphones off... otherwise, he would hear the same way as before... Now, if you take his headphones/earphones off, he'll fall to his knees, grab his head and start shouting like crazy... But, despite his headphones, he hear normally, like somefur would without headphones... His necklace is a present that his grandfather gave him.
Likes-Music -Being relax -Relaxing against a tree in the forest -Guys and girls -Good food -Imagining
Dislikes-Useless fights -Being in a hurry -Suffering after some jerk took his headphones off... -Being double crossed
LocationHe was born in Siberia, in the small town of Frostolyev (Don't even try to search it on a map, it's too nowhere), then moved to Berlin and finally to Quebec City... What's following depends of the RP.
OccupationHe's a student at the college.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Don