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Aponi in her quad form ^_^

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAponi
SpeciesA strange breed of feline
HeightFrom 1ft in quad - 5'4 in Anthromorphic form
Weightfrom 13lbs - 140lbs
SummaryWings, and Antenna aren't exactly what one would expect to see on any particular feline, quad or not, but Aponi wasn't a normal feline. The last of her kind, a clan whose name had been forgotten even by her. Aponi had survived in natures wild by shifting into a quad form (an ability of her kind.) and living in the wild almost as one of them. Her mind, while being both bright and curious, retained only those things from her lessons in youth that helped her to survive and live in health. (Herbal lore, hunting, gathering, and fighting.) In such a fashion she had grown to learn the way of the land. She knew what herbs to heal with, what animals to avoid, where to sleep. To the outside world it would seem like a hard life, if they had know of it, but to her it was the only life she knew and she enjoyed learning to communicate with the land and those of it. Youthful and freespirited she explored and played as much as she could, until one day, she found the edge of her world... A place where the trees stopped and the grass went on for miles, and as every feline does, she became filled with curiousness.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer chest fur is a light creme in coloring, her body a tan brown rosetted with dark brownish black marks. In markings her fur is similar to that of a rosetted bangel cat
Hair ColourMilk Chocolate in coloring. Long and as soft as her chest fur.
Eye ColourWhile they shift in the shade of their color, they are most definitely a brilliant blue.
ClothingAside from a loin cloth none, born and raised in the wild, she has never had a need for clothing, her pelt is all she needs.
AccessoriesA small pack to help carry healing herbs, food, and a few things that might come in handy.
WeaponryA leg sheath and a hunters blade.
Outstanding FeaturesAntenna on top of her head which jingle when they move, and angelic like wings that blend into her body when folded down and compressed, appearing wingless when she does so.