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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTerry Valerian(Alias: Fyre)
SpeciesFive tailed Kitsune
GenderMale (Bi)
Age16 or 25 (Depends of the RP)
Weight120 or 135 (Depends of the RP)
SummaryThis red five tailed kitsune usually smile mysteriously. Why? Nobody knows... Nobody knows what he carries in his backpack either... But he always carries a lighter in his pocket and often in his hands... Could he be this pyromaniac?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe got, like a normal fox, red fur. But for an odd reason, the tip of his tails are black.
Eye ColourGolden.
ClothingHe's usually wearing baggy clothes with a lot of pockets, often cargo pants and a light black leather coat.
AccessoriesHe's wearing a watch on the right wrist that can tell him the humidity factor, temperature, direction and atmospheric pressure. He's always carrying a reloadable, black lighter and a small backpack.
WeaponryHe's fighting with either any flammable thing he have (May it be a spray-net can and his lighter, dynamite (we never know?!) or anything.) or fire related magic (If any in the roleplay. In the bracer of his watch, under his wrist, there is a small plastic tube that's running up his arm and down his pocket. In his pocket, there's either a propane gas bottle or a fuel bottle. This way, he can, by using his lighter, have a flamethrower or launch fireballs.
Outstanding FeaturesHe's mute. His vocal cords... well... he never had any in fact...

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's always smiling, as if thinking about something funny. Because that he's mute, he's often alone except for a few friends who understand him.
BackgroundTerry was born mute. He never talked or cried, wich made his parents to watch him even more. He never said his first words or anything but, at the age of 6, he learnt the sign language. At the age of 7, he showed a great interest in the phenomenon know as fire. He started carrying a magnifier with him everywhere to make dead leaves burn under the sun. Then, it was matches... His parents were worried... they didn't like that their son played with fire like this... But his grandfather was the only one that understood him. When he was 10, he gave him his lighter as a Christmas present. But it's only at the age of 16 that he showed his real pyromaniac mind...
Likes-Fire -Burning things -Hot things -Relaxing under the sun -Being with friends that don't sees him as a monster, a mad kitsune -Walking/Wandering
Dislikes-Cold -Water -Rain -Jerks -People who sees him like a crazy fur -People who don't understand the sign language. (Hey, no vocal cords, no voice.) -(Related to the previous one.) Not being with someone who translates for him
LocationNow, he's in the US.
OccupationHe's a student or an artistic photograph, taking special pictures of pretty or original things.
Additional InfoHe went by everything, boyfriends, girlfriends... But the longest one he kept was a month because he succeeded to control his... burning desires... Of course, there was that they didn't understand the sign language to...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote-I was burning to meet you.