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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLupo Tirani
Height6' head to talon
Weight315 lbs
SummaryA caring lupogryphtaur who fights for justice... and lasting friendships. Lupogryph = Gryphon with a wolf's body rather than a lion's.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLupo has gray wolf fur with a white underbelly and socks, and ivory-white feathers on his wings and avian body.
Hair ColourLupo's head feathers jut backward like a slicked-back hairdo, except they are a gray color rather than white.
Eye ColourTurquoise blue.
ClothingLupo wears a brown vest and khaki bands on his front legs.
AccessoriesLupo has a silver necklace with a black, heart-shaped pendant on it, inscribed, "My dear Lupo, may your heart never be this color. Spirits up! ~Mother"
WeaponryLupo has a ebony-laced scimitar hilted on each side of his upper torso. Not to mention talons, if need be.
Outstanding FeaturesLupo has black avian front legs, arms, and talons. His front legs end in feet that form into handclaws similar to a chakat's handpaws. Possesses the power to transform others into taurform and back, and also to change his own gender.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGentle and loving, he is a good friend to have. Has a strong attachment to his deepest mates and companions.
BackgroundDoesn't like to talk about it.
LikesArt, music, reading, computers, friendship, all bondage (heavy is his favorite), and sports. Is quite okay with playing around some.
DislikesRude people, jealousy, vore, and politics.
LocationRome, GA, USA
OccupationNetworking student

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