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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTargo
Height10' 8
Weight650 LB
SummaryTargo Gryphon Head: Bald eagle like head and beak, about the same size as the bird (By scale), if not a few inches bigger. Gold-Yellow beak and eyes (Like a real bald eagle). All white head to upper neck level (Nape). Ear tufts near the center of the head. Body: Front half all dark brown feathers from the neck. Dark brown to almost black wings, feathered. Wings closer to the back of the shoulders. Wingspan about 15 feet when fully extended from tip to tip. Front legs feathered down about half way, then become the scaly like legs of a normal bald eagle. Black talons in the digits of a bald eagle, somewhat dull. Rear half that of an African lion. Feathers smoothen into the fur about the mid point on the body. Wing feathers 3rd row (secondary flight feathers) end a bit below where the body feathers end. Rear legs and feet (paws) like a lionís. Tail about a foot and a half long. Fur ball tuft at the end of the tail.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPlease see full desc
Hair ColourWhite feathers
Eye ColourBald Eagle gold
ClothingNone.... never bothers.
AccessoriesSometimes seen wearing a collar locked around his neck
WeaponrySharp talons and beak are the only things he ever needs, though his elemental nature can help.
Outstanding FeaturesElemental, takes on some properties of ther current element he's in.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery random, but mostly wild and free, even if chained... seldom much of a care in the world... lives life on the edge.
BackgroundGoing to have to ask him to give it to you.
LikesFriendly people, new places, bondage (Both heavy and light), railroads, reading, art, myth buff and likes old things.
DislikesRude people, arguments, politics, people who turn around and hurt him.
LocationGryphon Yiff Castle, the place he built.
OccupationElectrical expert

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWith a big enough hammer and lots of duct tape, you can make anything work. - Red Green show

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