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Oh noes. owo;

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAiko
AgeAdult (o_o Good question.)
WeightUhm... o-o That's private.
SummaryI'll come back to edit this. ^^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite. No markings, nothing, just ...white. xD Don't get this confused with the white kitsune from legend. I'm actually a dirty white. You can really only tell if I were standing next to the real thing. Unless I'm doing that whole transparenty-spirity thingy. XD
Hair Colour...White? Lmao.
Eye ColourGolden yellow, almond-shaped, quite large - whether anthropomorphic or otherwise.
ClothingObviously none, as a non-anthro. :P But I change clothes often. I'll draw a picture of a regular outfit later. ^_^
AccessoriesThe occasional rubber bracelet that shows my support for various stuff. ^^
Weaponry...Fox magic? XD Well, I can say a long time ago I was trained (not born!) in the element of wind or air.
Outstanding FeaturesFour tails. Woo. That's less than half of my goal!

Personality & Background

Personality...I'm actually a pretty nice person fox thing and act less intelligent than I really am. Why? It amuses me to type like this. I've got a thing against elitist furries who look down on humans. I'll admit I'm a human sympathizer. Rar. Anyway, I don't show my true colors unless I'm determined to get what I want. And yes, I am a trickster, to cease all the questions.
BackgroundPffft. Honestly? I don't know. You want me to start before I consciously realized my fox half or not? I was like... ten when I found out. So yeah. Before that I've been drawing and I've apparently been into yiffing since I was two. It's HORRIBLE. D:
LikesLemme see. Yiff, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Sleeping, Cooking(might as well be, seeing as the human half of me is beginning to enjoy it), Horseback riding, Taekwondo - any form of exercise is fun to me. I LOVE IT. Oh, roleplay, PLEASE SOMEONE RP WIF ME. LULZ.
DislikesNot sleeping, not being able to draw, traffic, large crowds, when waitresses come into our kitchen, and really bad reality TV shows. ): I'm pretty optimistic and there's not much I hate. Sometimes humanity in general does, but I don't hate them/us.
LocationIn my head.
OccupationOOOH. I is a ...oh crap. I have a job don't I? o_O *fleez*
Additional InfoI dunno, drop me a line sometime. XD I don't care what species you are - even if you're human. I love making buddies. owo; If you want me to get AIM or Yahoo or any of those others just tell me. I usually don't.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI LIKE CHIPS.

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