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Niko Gracing Further Confusion with her devine presence

Vital Statistics!

Character NameNikaro Clover
SpeciesFlemish giant/ Green Dragon Hybred.
Height6 ft 0 in
Weight293 Pounds
Summaryas she prefers being called) Started out as a mortal adventurer. She made her living finding lost artifacts and selling them to the highest bidder, though it was not uncommon for her to be approched with a job for finding a specific artifact, which is how things all started. She was summoned by the local lord, who offered her a small fortune for an artifact she had never even heard of. The task seemed simple enough, so she took the job. Once she had the artifact in her possession, a book to be percise, she decided to have a look inside, and was rather surprised, by what she found. It was a magical book, that would make anyone who read it into a deity. Niko, deciding that Imortality was worth far more then what her client was offering, quickly set about reaidng the book. A few months later Niko had finished her long read, and in a puff of Acid Green smoke, th book vanished,a nd in its place a partron of the pantheon appeared, and what he had to say shocked Niko. He told her that if she wished to become a deity she had to decide what she wanted to be the patron of. Niko, going with her long time fantasy of being pregnant, decided she wanted to be the god of fertility, and childbirth. The deity stannding before her smiled and told her that by the time the sun rose the following morning it would be done. The next morning Niko woke up Not only to find that she had become massively preggers, but that she was ina palace, and had drove of also pregnant followers. Niko sat back and smiled at this, knowthing that she was going to enjoy her eternity of godhood.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMoss Green velvety fur
Hair ColourRoyal Blue
Eye ColourRed
ClothingStandered adventuring gear, and leather armor
AccessoriesSeveral Magical jewls that sher always has in her possesion
WeaponryPrefers blunt weapons like Maces, Clubs, and Mourning stars, but is Also quite deadly with a rapier.
Outstanding FeaturesIs almost always pregnenat

Personality & Background

PersonalityStrong, Independent and Maternal she is an odd mix. Some would call her a Tomboy who enjoys the thrill of a challenge, adventure and experimentation yet can also be found indulging in Motherly duties as well as downright sinful acts! She has no care for what others think and has no prejudices against what you do with your life as long as your happy doing it. But if you manage to get on her bad side don't think her large legs are just for show like any Roo she can easily soccer kick someone over a house.
BackgroundSame as summery
LikesSwimming, Rainy days, Children, Animals, Making friends and Big meals [especially live prey]
DislikesVery cold weather, Haetwaves, arrogance and Prudes
LocationSomwhere in the realm of dreamtime
Additional InfoKINKS/FETISHES: Breeding, Pregnancy,and Soft Vore. (Of course she's open to new things except bodily waste related fetishes)

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