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Reilsss showing of one of his kinkyer forms along on a beach, enjoying the nice weather.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameReilsss
SpeciesKothu Gold Dragon
GenderMostly male, but can
AgeInmortal Dragons give up counting after a while
HeightAt the momment about 10 feet but that might change in time again
WeightIts even more variable as his heigth,
SummaryReilsss is a noble gold Dragon, appearing most of the time as a male, as it was his born gender. Thanks to magic can Reilsss appear in many forms, from a normal more normal shape over muscles genderds or even diffrenz sizes. the limitation is about his prefereces and imagenatoin. He likes to meet people that are friendly playful, might enjoy his kinks and hopefuly have mercy with his sligth problems in language. For a few more informations adives Reilssss others to may take a look on his webby where his live story and body description can be found: http://reilsss.crawl-forever.com/p2-reilsss.html

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFire-Gold
Hair ColourNone
Eye ColourOften Blue but can change sometimes to blood red.
ClothingAppears in Long pants and t-shirts when dressed civil. but cana lso apear just in a lioncloath or other kinds of fashion, depending on what his mood desires.
AccessoriesReilsss does usual leave his accessories at home when he is about to meet people. Sinces Armor and arms belongs to trainee and combat usual. the only thing that he wears at times with him, is the grown that lets everybody know what his bussness is. Thougthful, Reilsss wears not often the Crown.
WeaponryMaterial art of many kinds, as well as numerious Blade weapons and swords are the availbe weaponry that could be found in Reilsss Temple.
Outstanding FeaturesHe can change the form of his body by magic to diffrent genders or shapes. He still thougth stay loyal to his spezies almost all the time. He is also able to withdraw his wings by will, what let him sometimes more look like a lizzard durring the lag of dragon typical horns on his head.

Personality & Background

PersonalityReilsss is a noble dragon, and some what shy. He preferes to know's about the person that is with him. So blind dates are more a unusal thing. But onces known Reilsss can appear as a very friendly, helpful and really playfully dragon (the sexual way wise.) He also trys to take care for his friends and cheer them up when they need it.
BackgroundTo compress Reilsss whole live story to a few rougth words.... Reilsss was born as the las hatchiling of the kothus royal family. His family got slaugthed apart durring a ver ylong war, that made him as well as others have to escpae out his home. Years latter Reilsss returned as young adult dragon to the kingdome to take revange and conquer the lost paradise back. After successing this goal he rebuilded with his father and followers the kingdom. And a short while after this did his father want to travel thougth the country, what left Reilsss as lonly living member of the Kothu royal family. Results, the folk made him to the king.
Likeshyper, fat, muscles, playful furs or scalies, dragons, multi stuff, cuddling, oral, anal, vaginal, gays, domination / submission (Balanced combination), talking and making friends (for a short list, please check the webpage for a enchanched fetish list)
DislikesMacros that make fun out smaller onces, vore, scat, snuff and grammer nazis, and lies (for a short list, please check the webpage for a enchanched fetish list)
LocationOften the H.o.M. Temple in the Center of Kogd's maincity.
OccupationAs noticed above Reilsss became in young years already the title of Kothus majesty. So as king he a wide field of things to do. But as you can see it, he sort of enjoys to be what he is.
Additional InfoReilsss is as mystic as a treasure, you need to open it to find the real value that you can find inside it. Reilsss would love to meet other Dragons specialy those that are herms or hyper or for multi stuff, or those that are trule sex addicted *winks*

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"* Draxorian puts a crown on Reilsss head King of Yiff"

Stay in Contact

MSNReilsss AT gmx DOT de
JabberReilsss AT jabber DOT org