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Vital Statistics!

Character NameChoujin Darius
Age150 (that would be 25 years for a Phoenix)
SummaryA Phoenix who seen many lives would be Choujin. His birth date was around 7 A.D. in Rome, Italy. This is where he met an unfortunate end (apparently he was stabbed in the back by some senate members, but that's all Choujin could remember).Thus leading Choujin to live through many lives all over the world. He's now settled down, with a female Phoenix named Charlotte, where he's hoping to live his life in peace.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed plumage, with soot black hands and feet.
Hair Coloura navy blue set of hair
Eye Colourgray
ClothingHe prefers to wear jeans or cargo pants, along with a light long sleeve or short sleeve shirt.
AccessoriesChoujin carries a watch, or he'll have a arm brace called the Rock Bio Metal.
WeaponryWhen transformed by the Rock Bio Metal
Outstanding FeaturesChoujin, like many phoenixes, has the ability to reincarnate when killed or if his wounds are fatal enough, but as long as his heart isn't physically damaged.

Personality & Background

PersonalityChoujin is always curious on cause and effect, even if it's negative. He can get real ticked when someone calls him a kid.
Backgroundsee Summary
LikesHis wife Charlotte, when things tip to his way, and avoiding death
DislikesGetting killed or maimed, reincarnation (because when he is reincarnated, he is always naked) and being called a kid.
LocationU.O.A.H Headquarters (United Overtech Aerodynamic Hardware)
OccupationChoujin works for a bioengineering corporation called Bio-Corp Other times, he's part of the Eternal Phoenix sentai under the name Rockman Choujin.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteFury of the Phoenix, Protecting peace for all Eternity Chokiri Sentai Eternal Phoenix!!! Rockman Choujin