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Vital Statistics!

Character NameWag!
SpeciesDog of some sort
WeightLike 140 or somewhere in there
SummaryHi. I talk on the IRCs and the chats. Me llamo Mateo. Soy un grande tostada. I don't know what it means but it was on a diner menu once and had a lot of ice cream with it and was delicious except it was way too big. I like your booty but I'm not gay. Ok, that's a complete lie. Ok, only the second part was. One day I want to race through a mall like in The Blues Brothers, only have it be a real mall, and I end with the cop car crashing through the old store I used to work in. Oh hell yeah.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSomewhere between 'burnt sienna' and 'deliciously toasted Amoroso roll"
Hair Colour90s Neo Retro Hippie
Eye ColourYes, unlike Raiden from Mortal Kombat
ClothingShirt, shorts. Slacker attire.
WeaponryNone, unless GUITARRRRR!!!!!111one1 counts. I can go all El Kabong style on the mofos. Or Haruko. Either works.
Outstanding FeaturesNo florescent neon or sideburns. The Hair Cuttery removed the sideburns. I did not tell them to. The court case is pending and worth millions. I'm hoping for a settlement of some American Crew shampoo and conditioner.

Personality & Background

Personality"Dude.... wait, what? All I did was get out of the shower!"
Backgroundbliss.bmp ...ok, fine, it's really foxwithalotofpenisesaroundfornogoodreason.jpg
LikesCool stuff
DislikesCrappy stuff
LocationEastern PA, USA, Earth
OccupationGazing at people like a deer in the middle of a staring contest against a quickly approaching semi truck
Additional Info"Why are you dressed as a zombie?" "I like turtles"

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteCalvin Coolidge was known for being short-spoken. When someone approached him saying a friend of hers bet that she couldn't get him to say more than two words, he simply replied, "Fuck you."

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