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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRocky The Fox
Species50/50 Orange Fox/Arctic Fox
SummaryFull name is Rocky Kay Zephyrous mostly known as "Rocky The Fox". A very shy fox that avoids most conversations since he's afraid of letting people down. Though, very welcome to meeting new people, the fear of being hated lingers over his shoulders. One important thing to note is that he loves to eat. Which, obviously, causes him gain weight surprisingly quickly. Could this be good or bad? If its bad, it's not a problem to get back to normal. If its good, infinate possibilities can happen

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStandard fox pattern only white gloves and socks, even the tail tip. The only black part resides on his ears and nose. Also, two whiskers on either side of the nose. The white and orange fur-split on his muzzle lowers from his nose and turns to about a quarter inch above his mouth and follows back under his eyes and down his cheeks.
Hair ColourLong straight bangs matching his fur color parting in the middle. The back, trimmed and spiked with gel.
Eye ColourJade Green
ClothingTripp NYC pants of any model. Black shirt of a random logo. Sometimes a gray fedora brimmed hat.
AccessoriesOne ear piecing on the top of his left ear.
WeaponryChromed Desert Eagle .50 Butterfly Knife. Hatchet.
Outstanding FeaturesA lightning bolt scar on the back of his right paw.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKinda Secretive, loves to surprise others, down to earth yet very out there... in other words, 1 ina million.
BackgroundFull Moon.
LikesFood, Raves, Puzzles, Medievil Times, Camping, Hide and Seek.
DislikesToo much to list right now.
Additional InfoEnjoys his Sandwiches X3