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Jett the jet fox! *smirkwink*

Vital Statistics!

Character NameJett Zones
SpeciesAnthromorphic Fox
Weight159 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright, red-orange fur across the body with a white underbelly reaching all the way to the bottom of the fluffy fox tail.
Hair ColourBlack & very spiky. You might get pricked if you touch it too hard or too fast. =P
Eye ColourRight one is blue, left one is yellow.
ClothingGoggles to protect his eyes and let him see while flying. A slim, dark blue elastic jacket for keeping the body warm while traveling at mach 3 in the air. A shirt with a cool red flame design on it and a black undershirt. His pants are blue camoflage army pants strapped tightly to his ankles to keep cold air from coming in, long striped trousers and Sonic power ring boxers.
AccessoriesA gold necklace with a pheonix on it. Two earings on the right fox ear and a tail ring.
WeaponryWell, while he usually doesn't like fighting... considering he's being chased down by the government, he usually carries a backpack where he has a stack of ninja stars that blow up by remote control which he carries on one of his jacket's pockets, grenades, and a retractable bo staff; not to mention two Jericho 941s strapped to his belt just under the blue camo pants. While his speed and his flight abilities are natural weapons in their own right, he can also use his own set of natural weapons: claws and fangs.
Outstanding FeaturesHe is very aerodynamic, considering his speed and flight abilities, he needs the slim build to get him around without much friction.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCheery, free spirited, outgoing and laid back, Jett has little needs to satisfy other than not get caught by the government. While he's very friendly, he's known for not being very comitted, often leaving people in the dust when they most need him, unfortunately. He tries showing that he's sorry and he tries to do his best to make up for it, but with his absent-mindedness it's very complicated for him, for sure.
LikesFlying and running (what he'd like to call 'jetting'), the sky, working as a pizza delivery boy, meeting new fursons, hanging out, getting jolted with certain charges of electricity, playing around... etc...
DislikesOpressive, uptight fursons. The government. The system. Bullies, thugs, thieves, criminals and all that bad bunch. Vehicles. Hypocrits, liars and decievers. Rainy days. Rude antisocial people... etc...
LocationA small rented house near downtown GZ.
OccupationJett is the renowned, legendary Pizza Doghouse's delivery boy and he can't imagine why he gets so much prestige out of it. He only gets the pizza to it's destination a minute after the costumer calls! That's not that big a deal... is it? Oh, and whenever he happens to catch a crime in the act, a non-profit vigilante.
Additional InfoWell, this is top secret, but if you won't tell the feds, then I guess I can tell you. Jett has the ability to run at around 150 mph, 300 mph tops, and he can fly at around mach 3 or so if he really gets into it. It has to do with somethin about gravity manipulation or something... I dunno. Also, apparently a negative side effect of his powers is that, if he is shocked with enough ammount of electricity, he shrinks. It's got to do with some relation between his particles and the ability to control gravitons that makes the particles compact and makes him shrink but at the same time lose weight proportionately. Eventually he'll grow to normal size, mind you... in a day or two. So, whatd'ya say? Pull a fast one on him? I think he'd be... well... willing to obey, you know?

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Haven't you ever felt the need to get away from it all? To fly away and leave to wherever you wanted...? Yeah. I thought you might've... I always feel like that." -Jett