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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMitternacht Wolf ( Mitty)
SpeciesTimber Wolf
Height5' 6"
Weightdepends...have I been to Quiznos lately?
SummaryHowdy! I am your garden variety Timberwolf. Black Pelt, grey muzzle , chest and belly markings, green eyes. At 5 toot 6 I am generally the resident runt to all the others that I know with the exception of a certain 3 Toed Sloth I know.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack with Grey
Hair Colourblack
Eye Colourgreen ( amber here but usually green, must have been wearing contacts that day hehe)
Clothingshorts usually, on occasion aTshirt and of other occasion jsut a loincloth.
Accessoriessmall bronce pendant around the neck ( not visible here)
Weaponrymy Puss in Boots like Eyes of Cuteness

Personality & Background

Personalitya bit shy at times but usually outgoing
Backgroundin this instance a pantone circular gradiant
LikesHiking, camping, meeting interesting individualy and hanging out with friends and family
Dislikespeople that use spirituality as an attention getter , un wanted touchy feelies....no means no
Location3 blocks north and 2 west of the absolute center of Nowhere
Occupationfreelance Illustrator

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote" I like going to the doctor. I get to wear a jacket that lets me hug myself all day long"

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