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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSlyfoxx

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourblack,red,white fur, very soft and rich coat of fur, well taken care of and a little bit of a glossy shine to it with the right angle of sun or moon light, almost a plush feel when touch or rubbed
Hair Colourperky, sharp red and white furry ears, strong very active face full of emotions and feelings
Eye Coloureyes that can change color due to mood they express a lot of sensitivity with in, a dark rich blue meaning happiness, a bluish green or a grayish tent showing sadness, blue with some yellow showing anger or frustration. Hes also color blind having limits of colors of red green and brown shades.
Clothingjust his furry self, but as been known to wear a collar, or a gold chain with a dolphin charm at the end. It shines with more than just a low glow from its color.
Outstanding Featuresa tail that seems to have a little of a mind of its own.... it can be a little bit of a tease at times.... His chest sticks out and his abs curve in. He has a very strong front and posture. His muzzle rarely speaks words but his body speaks endless amounts of them.

Personality & Background

Personalitya sly being using silence to move about unnoticed. He is quick to listen and slow to speak. His face will express what hes thinking to some extent. Understanding him is not easy. he fits well into back grounds. Some barely know hes there. he is very shy and sentive. His face is active and will show his true mood even if he dose not speak. He will blush very easily. even though his fur is a thick red his pink and white skin under neath will still give away a glowing blush.
Likesthe company of others but has been known to seek solitude to relax in peace, a caring foxx, who enjoys cuddling and snuggling, warming others with his body heat and love, finding a quite area to chat about any topic interests him, he is a very deep thinker, his mind never rests, his heart rests with nature and those who live in it, he very much loves the ocean, at times he will be laying on the sand watching the sun set, always searching for another rare glim's of dolphins. weather dosnt have much effect to him he takes the cold and the heat very well. sly is known for closing is eyes while thinking or resting but he usually dose not fall a sleep. Resting under a big leaf while a calming rain shower is healing to him. Learning to learn is a never ending challenge to him.
Dislikesenormously loud noises, pain (but he understands it can be necessary at times) being lost with little known direction to head either in life or just walking down a path, not having a reason to do something, reacting with little time to think. Going on risks or limited information. He dose not like to be noticed but will use it to his gain if needed.
Occupationmaking a living off of the earth around him. He has had little in his life from this he always makes the most of what little he finds.

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