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One-Eye and one of his siblings, Ki'lana

Vital Statistics!

Character NameOne-Eye
SpeciesBeowolf (bio-android) - physically resembles a grey wolf
AgeOver 1,000 years
HeightNormal height is 6 foot six inches
Weight1.17 metric tons (2,580 lbs) at 6 foot six
SummaryOne-Eye is an artificial biological humanoid capable of independent thought and action. In essence, he is a bio-android. He was created in an alternate version of Earth in the 35th century utilizing technologies acquired from an ancient alien intelligence from an extremely advanced (Type IV) civilization. He was designed and created to be the ultimate predator and supersoldier with sufficient combat capability to operate independently in 35th century warzones with no external equipment. In essence he possesses vast superhuman strength, speed, toughness and senses.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey and white with black markings
Hair ColourNormal (no 'hair')
Eye ColourAmber flecked with gold (has been observed to glow with internal energies at various times, most notably when One-Eye is exerting himself).
ClothingNormally a one-piece combat tunic reminiscent of a martial arts gi. Made of advanced alien fibers, it is elastic enough to stay on his body when he shifts forms, and is extremely durable with a tensile strength approximately thirty (30) times greater than theoretical limits for multi-walled carbon nanotubes, with a mass density less than one tenth. One-Eye is also frequently seen wearing a t-shirt advertising 'Bloodsports' and a pair of cargo shorts with even more pockets than normal.
AccessoriesKnown to carry various items, such as a field replicator and many various interdimensional-capable communications devices. The most well-known device he possesses is the 'Tacitus' which is an alien device of prodigious power. In essence it has complete control over space and time, with an indefinite power source. However, its primary limitation is that it has no controlling mechanism of its own, and must instead be directly controlled by One-Eye's mind through contact interface (simple touch). Simply put, for any effects which the device is to achieve, One-Eye must fully understand all aspects of the effect, including all energy levels, and must perform all necessary calculations himself in realtime. This makes its use in a combat situation somewhat limited, other than for effects for which One-Eye has already performed and memorized the calculations (for example, a forcefield which can filter all forms of electromagnetic radiation based on wavelength and intensity). Because of his pride, however, he will almost never use the Tacitus in a fight against another being. However, it is necessary in order for him to be able to alter his size, due to his unique physiology which would prevent other common forms of size alteration from working.
WeaponryOne-Eye *IS* a weapon. Physical strength (stationary deadlift capacity) is classed at over 100 metric tons. Has been reliably certified to be in excess of 100 kilotons. Upper limits are unknown. Top running speed of 200 MPH while upright, 350 MPH while on all fours (digigrade form allows him to switch stances instantly). Every cell in his body is bio-integrated with a trio of alien metal alloys (omnium, vibranium and xentronium) which allow him to withstand massive amounts of damage. Known to be capable of withstanding a medium-yield tactical nuclear warhead (50 kt) at ground zero. His claws are similarly formed of these alien metals at even higher density levels than his flesh and fur, and are connected with a web of specialized muscles which allow them to vibrate at hundreds of thousands of times per second, and are also formed to monomolecular points. Putting his full strength behind these monomolecular points would generate such a staggeringly high impact pressure that the numbers involved would be literally astronomical in scale, and are probably best left alone. Known to be capable of spitting an extremely corrosive mix of acids, digestive enzymes and bio-nanites which function as a very powerful molecular acid. A single gram of this compound is capable of dissolving roughly one half ton (500 kg) of virtually any known substance before becoming too dilute to be useful. It can be emitted in either a short to medium range conical spray with a wide dispersal or a thick bolus which can be hurled at significant speeds with his high-capacity lungs. Upper and lower canine teeth are hollow, allowing One-Eye to inject prey with extremely powerful poisons on par with his physical strength, mixed with mild amounts of acids which dissolve the prey's blood vessels from within. Can also inject prey with extremely potent paralytic venoms. One-Eye has a tri-partite larynx, meaning he can produce three separate voices simultaneously, and is capable of imitating virtually any sound he can hear (1 Hz - 400 kHz). Can produce a sonic roar upwards of 300 decibels in sound pressure, and can modulate the tones to produce a wide array of biological effects much as modern nonlethal weaponry can produce. This ranges from simple paralysis to death by massive neurological trauma. Alternatively it can be modulated through harmonic resonance to form extremely specific waveforms which can be used to target very specific elements within a given subject (such as specifically the chemical explosives in the shells of a tank) while leaving the rest of the target relatively unaffected.
Special AbilitiesVast superhuman senses. Extremely high durability (not completely invulnerable, but bring your stellar converter with you). Immune to telepathy. Immune to phasing (ghost movement). Extremely resistant to magic, and in fact tends to make magic-users extremely uncomfortable in his presence. Similarly resistant to non-telepathic psionics. Holographic, nigh-infinite memory. Extensive knowledge of thousands of styles of martial arts. Physically incapable of feeling fear -- he just gets more excited. All but impossible to detect by means of active sensors (radar, advanced technology, etc). Passive detection works just fine, until he cloaks himself. CANNOT fly. No 'heat vision'. No hand-launched energy blasts.
Outstanding FeaturesBody is extremely heavily muscular. Body is riddled with vast numbers of scars from ears to feet. One eye is scarred over and unusable. One ear is gone entirely; other ear is cut to ribbons. Eyes are slightly larger than normal, and set slightly further apart than normal. Muzzle is slightly larger than normal. Teeth are longer than normal. Canine teeth are long and pointed, much like a snake's. Produces no scent whatsoever (no pheromones, no hormones, nothing).

Personality & Background

PersonalityGregarious and outgoing, One-Eye fits the 'blood knight' trope quite well (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BloodKnight). He truly lives for combat and conflict; however, he does not (usually) kill indiscriminately. Has a soft-spot for children and underdogs, and will frequently go out of his way to keep them safe from collateral damage. He fights the good fight not because it's the right thing to do, but because that's usually where the best fights are. That said, he prefers to live according to natural law, more or less. His caloric intake requirements are beyond absurd; however, he also has very high energy reserves. Can digest almost anything, but his primary preference is for living flesh - animals, people, etc.
BackgroundSee summary. Because of an unfortunate accident involving the unusual composition of his body, he has spent virtually his entire life being shifted at random intervals from one universe to the next. Typical duration of his stay in any particular universe is 10-30 years, but can be as little as a few days, and has previously been centuries as well.
LikesCombat -- not just physical combat, but mental as well. Has prior experience leading entire armies and stellar navies. The greater the challenge, the more he likes it. Intense experiences -- strong foods, loud and complex music, and anything which is sufficiently unique that he hasn't come across it before in his millennia of age.
DislikesOddly enough, there actually isn't much that he actually dislikes -- not even peace. He's old and experienced enough to take the long view, and will put up with a lot.
LocationRight behind you.
OccupationInterdimensional mercenary and bounty hunter. Currently serving as an expert anti-macro consultant with Special Force Operational Detachment - Macro (SFOD-M) in the United States Army in a dimensional variant of Earth (Terra 597) under a long-term contract.
Additional InfoThe bottom line is that One-Eye is actually a lot more complex of a person than he usually comes across as. Likes to give subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) hints that he's completely unnatural, with unnatural capabilities.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThat which does not kill me has made a grievous tactical error.