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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJason Mc. Kaltree
GenderMale (Bi)
Weight150 lbs
SummaryThis black furred, suit wearing fox seems to show a constant control of himself and everything. He show the apparence of a strong guy even if he's not really buff, but slightly lean. But don't trust this, he's rather weak infact... And again, don't trust this to... He's the best informant. He got many sourses to get his infos and intels, can decypher fur's expressions and secrets by looking at them... or by reading their mind.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOverall, he got an ash black fur. The tip of his tail is white, as is his underbelly and paws.
Hair ColourHe got shoulder dropping silver hairs, going down the back of his neck between his ears.
Eye ColourThey are silver.
ClothingHe often wears suits and tie when in normal occasions. On relax days, he'll wear dress pants, a jacket and a turtle neck shirt. On days where he needs to be well dressed, he'll wear a tux. He sometimes wear a trench coat matching his clothes color.
AccessoriesHis six silver earings, a PDA on his belt, a silver watch, sunglasses with an HUD (Head Up Display) and the holster for his pistol under the shoulder.
WeaponryHe's not much of a fighter... Mainly because he got no talent at it... But for defense purposes, he keeps a simple silenced pistol under his arm which he can use to neutralise a threat.
Outstanding FeaturesHis very sure of himself demanor, his habit to wear dress suits and his many silver earings on the left ear (6).

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's very deep... in the way that he have many layers. The first layer is a selfish, self centered, strong and skilled fox who is sure that he can beat you fast. The other layer is a weak, nontalented but influant fur. The normal thought someone would have afer seeing thru the first layer... Then, you reach his alternate personalities. He could be a depressive fox, or an anger and avenge filled one, or an over happy, mindless fox, or whatever. His real and final personality is a softly happy fur, normally showing a slight smile of friendship. He only acts like this infront of people he know well... personnally.
Likes-Suits -Knowing everything on everybody -Learning something about somebody -Selling his intels -Searching for infos -Eating eggs -Video games -Going to nightclubs
Dislikes-Not knowing -Being betrayed -Ketchup
OccupationHe's working as a freelance informant or on a job requesting high social aptitudes like lawyer or as an on-the-run businessman.
Additional InfoThis fur is a telepath. He can connect with another fur's mind to read every little secret there is there. (In some RPs, he may have more extended psionic powers.)

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote«I can know anything about you just by looking at your eyes.»