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Vital Statistics!

Character NameYasmine
SpeciesAnthropomorphic Demoness (Shapeshifter)
Height13,000 Feet (Sizeshifter)
SummaryYasmin is a newly revealed amazingly attractive grape scented, toned and shapely demoness who has Purple long hair that falls to her back. Turquoise horns, A wing span that is so enormous it can turn day literally into night and night into complete darkness. She has no horns, flawless Turquoise strong shinny leathery skin that is impervious to being penetrated yet has extremly soft purple leathery skin that covers the palms of her hands, the interior of her wings, and the smooth soles of her very high arched feet with long slender toes. (Last Updated: Janaury 12, 2009)

Outward Appearance

Eye ColourGlowing Royal Purple
Outstanding FeaturesLike Infinity she has a extremely long , thick purple tongue, sometimes it shifts black too

Personality & Background

PersonalityDuel Personality
BackgroundSo far very little is known about this mysterious visitor from Nefaria's homeworld. All that is known is that she's related closely to Infinity.
Additional InfoBorn May 31st (Gemini)