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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMystana "Myst" Arunsun
SpeciesDark Kitsune
Agelooks 25, but is actually 400
Height6' 3"

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSable black for most of hir fur, snow white for hands, feet, belly, and tail-tips.
Hair ColourCrimson
Eye ColourSilver
Clothingknee-length black leather skirt, black leather bodice with silver accents, and a black low-cut silk shirt with House Darknova symbol on the right side of the chest, which is a seven pointed star with a winged sword thrust through the center done in silver thread.
AccessoriesFour silver tail rings with elvish script on them. The script glows in the presence of evil.
Weaponry2 custom scimitars. both are 4 1/2' long, elven runes etched along the full length of the blades. The only differences between them are the hilts. One is named Comet, its hilt looks like a normal scimitar hilt, save for the bright white crystal orb embedded in the pommel. The other is named DragonsFire, its hilt fashioned after a great winged dragon, its head resting just above the crosspiece, fused with the blade, the crosspiece crafted into wings, the handle wrapped in black leather, the pommel molded into a single claw grasping a dark red crystal orb. Their abilities are lightning and fire respectively, though shi has combined their powers and made plasma once before. Shi has yet to sucessfully do it again. Shi also carries a various assortment of throwing blades about hir person, knives, stars and spikes being the norm, though shi does have two throwing discs. Each of hir throwing blades has some sort of elemental property to it, which is inflicted upon impact.

Personality & Background

DislikesSee link above.
OccupationDemon hunter/Carnal Sorceress

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