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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDeruni Dellastar
HeightSee distinguishing features.
Weight302 lbs
SummaryI'm Deruni Dellastar, and I love to have all kinds of fun! Which senses I mean by this depend on the mood I'm in. We dragontaurs can be mighty picky sometimes. :)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeruni's scales are a somewhat regal combination of silver and purple. His silver scales make up the majority of his coloring, blanketing all but his upper front and underbelly in a metallic sheen. His upper front and underbelly are a soft hue of amethyst in color, as is his lower jaw.
Hair ColourDeruni has no head fur, being a dragon, but his ears are shaped like an amethyst-colored half-butterfly, about parallel to his eyes.
Eye ColourDeruni's eyes are a perfect shade of saffron, and gaze longingly into your soul.
ClothingDeruni wears no clothing.
AccessoriesDeruni wears a golden, star-shaped pendant on his neck. It is unopenable.
WeaponryDeruni knows plainly that six sets of claws and a steel trap of a jaw are enough defense a vast majority of the time. Plus a large, smasher of a tail certainly doesn't hurt...
Special AbilitiesDeruni can transform others/himself to taurform and back. Also, he is what is known as a "dualist." He has the ability to have children as both a mother and a father. (If you really want to know how this is possible, ask him. It's a, shall we say, incredibly rare trait for a male to have. As of the moment Deruni is the only documented and confirmed case. However, many legends and claims have been made of such beings.)
Outstanding FeaturesDeruni is 4'3 tall at his lower body's tailbase, and 6'7 at the tip of his head.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDeruni is soft, somewhat shy, and gentle. Nothing he does is rough... until you piss him off.
BackgroundDeruni abstains from this topic. Not much of it was enjoyable for him. Plus, it's just not easy being a small
LikesLasting friendships, computers, video games, reading, art, and bondage (dependent on his mood)
DislikesHe's grown to tolerate most everything in the world. Except being randomly abused for no reason.
OccupationUnemployed as of yet