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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSeph
SpeciesBlack Wolf
GenderMale (Bi)
SummaryIf you have ever played Hitman, you could this very serious looking black wolf for him. His cold blooded eyes matches his rather muscular frame...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack with grey underbelly and paws.
Hair ColourShort gray hairs.
Eye ColourRight is blue and the left one is green
ClothingVaries... depending if he's not disguised. Otherwise often saw wearing long sleeved shirts and cargo pants.
AccessoriesA large wristwatch and a small silver pendant given to him by his mentor.
WeaponryWant a list? (All are real weapons.) Pistols: -"2x" Colt M1911A1 -"2x" Desert Eagle -"2x" S&W Model 629 -"Many" Downsizer Mini Pistol http://members.aol.com/wsp45/WSP2.jpg Submachine Gun: -FN P90 -H&K MP5 -"2x" H&K MP7 Rifles: -OICW/FN2000 -M4 Sniper: -Walther WA2000 Antimaterial Rifle: -Stoner SR-50
Outstanding FeaturesHis cold eyes and serious stature.