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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSeph Wulf
SpeciesBlack Wolf
GenderMale (Bi)
SummaryIf you have ever played Hitman, you could this very serious looking black wolf for him. His cold blooded eyes matches his rather muscular frame... (I'm sorry... I know that there is already a character named "Seph" but it's mine. I created it but I did a stupid mistake when entering my security details so I couldn't modify again... you know what I mean...)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack with gray underbelly and paws.
Hair ColourShort gray hairs.
Eye ColourThe left one is golden and the right one is ruby red.
ClothingVaries, depending if he's on a contract or not. If not, he'll wear casual clothes, most likely a long sleeved shirt and large cargo pants.
AccessoriesA wristwatch, a rather advanced PDA and a silver pendant given to him by his mentor.
WeaponryWant a list? (All are real weapons.) Along with the weapons are the many props and cosmetics that can be attached to them such as a scope or a silencer. Melee: -Fiber Wire -Syringues and many poisons -Knife Pistols: -"2x" Colt M1911A1 -"2x" Desert Eagle -"2x" S&W Model 629 -"Many" Downsizer Mini Pistol http://members.aol.com/wsp45/WSP2.jpg Submachine Gun: -FN P90 -H&K MP5 -"2x" H&K MP7 Rifles: -OICW/FN2000 -M4 Shotgun: -Franchi SPAS 12 Sniper: -Walther WA2000 Antimaterial Rifle: -Stoner SR-50 Misc: -M203
Outstanding FeaturesHis eyecolor, his cold expressions and rather muscular frame.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAlthought showing every aspect of a cold blooded guy... which he often is... he's a rather easy-going and friendly guy, when not on the job. On the job, he's closed, cold blooded and without any mercy.
BackgroundWhen he was ten, he was in the ground army cadets, in the rifleman team... and each time there was a shooting exercise, he shot right at the middle... which draw the attention of a retired hitman on him. This man is now training him and give him some contracts.
Likes-His friends -His job -Cleaning and polishing his weapons -Earning loads of money -Video games (he's a pro at FPSs (First Person Shooter)) -Watching the news -Listening to classical music or music played with classical instruments (such as a cello)
Dislikes-When a contract not goes as he thought it would go -When a client refuse to pay... then he got to persuade him... -A bugging computer -Jerks and bullies at school... he can't teach them respect himself because it would draw attention on him. -Thinking that his friend could betray him...
LocationSomewhere in the US.
OccupationHe got two side. One one side, he's like any student. Going to school on weekdays, at home or elsewhere on weekends. But he got another side and this one is hidden... He's a hitman, a kiiler-to-hire in training... even if he's quite talented.