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Kayko after a fight

Vital Statistics!

Character NameK ayko
SpeciesWolf/German Shepherd mix
Height6 ft normally but can size morph up to 100 feet
Weight150 lbs at his normal hight
SummaryKayko is a hero-type. I say Hero-type bacause he doesn't exactly enjoy it. He only does it because he feels it is his god-given duty as a size-morph to help the microfurs. He hates fighting and he hates to hurt or kill others but he does it anyway for the ones that need helping. He's not proud of his life. His mother was a prostitute and his sister is a theif and they usually ended up on the streets unless one of his mother's customers offered to house them for the night. Kayko was born in the Small town of Pinekliff but lived in Wilmington, a city, for the majority of his life. He's seen too much death and destruction both in real life and on the little portable TV they had. He went to bars and other social places to escape all the pain of real life, the constant attacks from humans in choppers and planes trying to gun them down, macros on TV and so-on. At 17 he saved his brother's pack without even knowing the alpha was his brother. At 18 he descovered his power to size-morph for the first time and started fighting for the microfurs of his country

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack, Brown, Yellow, and cream with the basic markings of a german shepherd
Hair ColourLong light brown hair and a black muzzle and ears
Eye ColourLight brown
AccessoriesSilver cross around his neck
Outstanding FeaturesLong brown hair

Personality & Background

PersonalityFun-loving, Crazy, A Bohemian, Sad a lot, hates to be alone, Feels that being a size-morph its his duty to protect microfurs from macros though he hates fighting and usually ends up crying afterwards from having to hurt or kill others.
BackgroundHe was born in a poor brick making town called Pine Cliff in Lunaku on the edge of the Wildlands but now lives in the Wildlands in his Brother's tribal village. He doesn't know his father and his mother was a prostitute. He lived on the streets with his sister Lira until he was 16 and he started roaming the area where he lived usually sleeping in the streets as he went. When he was 18 he saved his brother{Arctos} and his brother's pack from being a meal for a macrowolf not even knowing it was his brother. He's lived with his brother ever since
LikesScaring smaller furs, non-lethal vore, playing with smaller furs, helping smaller furs. Old rundown buildings, Old electronics, camping, painting, gardening, hanging out with his freinds, Dancing, getting in bed with other guys
DislikesKilling and hurting others {esp. smaller furs} Modern architecture, destruction, modern stuff
LocationHis brother's tribal village in the Wildlands of Lunaku
OccupationHe's a tribal wolf so none I guess
Additional InfoBisexual, nudist

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLook at life through the broken screen that is Lunaku

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