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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFellania BloodClaw
SpeciesBear (Polar and Grizzly mix)
Height8' 5
Weight2,005lbs currently
SummaryLady Fellania BloodClaw is a strong female bear of Grizzly and Polar mix, she is caring, loving, protective, has a large family. And is a mage of Earth and Life by trade. She's also built and busty and while she acknowledges this in meetings; it is not why she is muscular. She's been through trials to make most weep, she has suffered defeats yet still she continues on. Don't think of picking on her, for she is most dangerous when her children are the targets.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer Fur consists mainly of Cinnamon Reddish/Brown fur..with spots of white on the ears and on the stomach
Hair ColourRed like the Irish
Eye ColourHazel Green
ClothingQi-Pao (traditional Chinese Dress) Blue with silver white dragon and crysanthimum stitching. and silver accents
Accessoriescarries a hippack of holding on her right hip and a staff enscribed with runes, wears glasses, and silver tipped claws feet and hands
WeaponryStaff enscribed with Runes and Majick of Earth and Life and other elements and the feared (echo) Iron Wok of DOOM! (echo)
Outstanding FeaturesInkblot shaped birthmark on stomach where in womb a failed assassination of her mother the dagger struck

Personality & Background

PersonalityMotherly, caring, respectful, curious, silly sometimes, and protective of loved ones
Backgroundmore to come soon
LikesNice caring people, families, reading, writing, thoughtful discussions
DislikesLiars, cheaters, thieves of all kinds, name calling, whiny bitches and clueless people..
Locationwouldn't you like to know
OccupationMage, Female Bodybuilder, strongwoman bearess. Homemaker, and mate, mother, cook.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThere is always those who think and those who know.. I think I know which one of those I am? At least I thought I did. :D

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