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Im the middle one ( image by Jonathan Adam Connolly A.K.A PopaBear)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameChakat Redstripe
Height1.7 metres
SummaryI am a Chakat a Cat Taur I am about 1.7 metres (5' 8') Tall and way about 195kg, I have a Bengal Tiger stripe Patton with several red stripes about half way along my lower back, I have blood red hair about shoulder length. I am an E4 class Empath a T3 Telepath and a P5 in Teleportation

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourI have a Bengal Tiger stripe Patton with several red stripes about half way along my lower back my base fur couler is a deep orange with black stripes.
Hair ColourBlood red about sholder length.
Eye ColourSky Blue.
ClothingSimple haulter tops usualy in an oriental desighn.
WeaponryOften carrys kint blades and or shurikens.
Outstanding FeaturesIm a Taur

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsualy very happy and chearfull.
BackgroundIm 22 i live in Lancishire in the uk and have been in to the furry fandom since i was 14. I joined a small pride at 15 as i became more interested in what it ment to be Furry. Im currentley looking for a job so i can start going to Cons again.
LikesWarhammer 40k, Commics, Vidio games, Online simulations (Secondlife, furcadia etc)
DislikesPeople who are to blind to see beyond there own happy little exsistance.
LocationLancishire Preston England
OccupationHealth care assistant.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteAnyone can run through the fire, The weak will die inside the fire. The Ignorant will come out the otherside of the fire, but will be burned in some way. The Intelligent will find a way around the fire.

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